YouTube Poop (YTP) is a type of audiovisual remix content, commonly uploaded on YouTube. The content of YTPs is best described as absurdist, and in many cases utilize a bizarre sequence of elements that may, depending on the viewer, entertain, confuse or irritate.

There are similarities and differences between YTPs and Downfall Hitler Parodies, but it can be considered distinct enough that Downfall parody makers (Untergangers) in general don't consider themselves as a YouTube Pooper.


YTPs employ a range of editing techniques, called Poopisms:

Ear Rape
Volume is maxed out and distorted. The intention is generally to annoy.
Stutter Loop
A short piece of video is looped in order to call attention or emphasize something.
Word Trim/sentence mix
Words are cut and rearranged, often to create profanity.
YTPMV (Classic)
A sample is sequenced to an audio track to vaguely simulate something like “singing.”
Notes in source materials are pitch shifted to create a song.

Several of these techniques are also employed in Downfall parodies, but to a lesser extent, in loops and musical parodies.

Relation to Downfall Parodies

Some similarities and differences that can be drawn up between YTPs and Downfall Parodies are as follows:

Downfall Parodies YouTube Poops
Both involves remixing existing content to create new content.
Both are primarily centered on YouTube as a video platform.
Both are produced with the intent of entertainment.
Commonly used as a medium to commentate on contemporary events, owing to the origin of the meme with the Original Bunker Scene. Rarely used for the aforementioned purpose.
Source materials, cast and themes come chiefly from historical real-life World War II and contemporary dictatorship figures. Source materials and cast comes from contemporary, largely fictional, sources such as video games.
More conservative parody styles (see Unterganger Styles). More random and absurd styles.
Focuses on entertainment chiefly by poking fun at Hitler. Focuses on entertainment sometimes by irritating viewers.
Arguably riskier because of the implication of involving Hitler. Less risky; only the large amount of obscenities being a main issue.

The influence of YTPs on Downfall Parodies is little early on, but has notably increased over time with the intermingling of YTP characters such as Michael Rosen and Leopold Slikk into the Parody Universe by Untergangers such as Benad361. However, this is more exception than rule.

Perhaps due to the general setting of the Parody Universe being quite limited and some other factors, several Untergangers have migrated to being YouTube Poopers. A list of them can be found here.

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