Yingjie is a Chinese Sixth-generation Unterganger from Great Britain. His most known Downfall Parody released on 23 October 2019 is Hitler plays Roblox Military Simulator.


In 2018, Yingjie found about the Downfall Parodies by watching videos of Payday 2. He bumped into a random Hitler Parody called Hitler plays Payday 2 by Awesome Face!. He was curious as he knew that Hitler did not actually play any video games. After watching the parody, he thought that the subtitles were 100% accurate, so he continues to watch more parodies by random Untergangers.

When he bumped into a parody, it said that "The subtitles are 99% inaccurate. This is a PARODY.", he realized that Hitler did not really play any of his favorite games. Inspired by this he made his first parody called Hitler rants about BW3 Episode 1.

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