Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky
Dolmatovsky looks at Chuikov.


Yevgeniy Aronovich Dolmatovsky
Евге́ний Аро́нович Долмато́вский


5 May 1915


10 September 1994 (aged 79)

Known for

Replacing Chuikov's general staff
Nodding in approval
His bald head
Not much else

Played by

Vsevolod Tsurilo

Yevgeniy Aronovich Dolmatovsky (Russian: Евге́ний Аро́нович Долмато́вский; 5 May 1915 – 10 September 1994) was a Soviet poet and a Russian popular song lyricist.

Dolmatovsky was born in 1915 in Moscow into a family of lawyers. While he studied at Teachers College, he began to be published in the Pioneer Press. In 1932-1934 he worked at the construction of the Moscow metro. In 1937 he graduated from the Literary Institute. The first book of lyrical poems Dolmatovsky was published in 1934.

From 1939 to 1945 Dolmatovsky worked as a war correspondent in the Red Army. In August 1941, he was in Uman encirclement and was captured, from which he fled back to the front (these events are reflected in the poem "Missing" and in his memoirs, "It was. Notes of a poet."

He won the Stalin Prize in 1950.

Dolmatovsky died on 10 September 1994. He was buried in Moscow's Donskoi Cemetery.

Role In Downfall

In Downfall, Dolmatovsky sits at the table with, Matvey Blanter, Konstantin Simonov, and Vasily Chuikov who reviews some propaganda drawings. Unexpectedly, a Nazi delegation lead by Hans Krebs arrives. Since there were no other high ranking officers in the building, Chuikov is forced then to give decorations to Dolmatovsky and Simonov to make them look generals and tells them to keep quiet as he'll do the talking.

According to Vasily Chuikov's memoirs, Dolmatovsky was present in the headquarters of his 8th Guards Army when General Hans Krebs came to request a ceasefire. There were four other visitors by Chuikov at the time: composers Matvey Blanter and Tikhon Khrennikov, and two other correspondents: the military reporter Konstantin Simonov and the civilian journalist Vsevolod Vishnevsky. Simonov and Dolmatovsky were probably the only ones in uniform.

According to historian Cornelius Ryan, none of Chuikov's senior officers could be brought fast enough, and he therefore ordered the military correspondents to imposter as his staff. Since Simonov is known to have worn Land Forces' brown uniform during the war, Dolmatovsky is most probably the guy on the right.

He was played by Vsevolod Tsurilo.

In Parodies

In Downfall Parodies, Dolmatovsky is known as the bald guy who approves whatever Chuikov says. This is opposite to Jodl, who objects to whatever Hitler says. He has no lines.

Despite being bald in the movie, Dolmatovsky was only slighty bald during his latter years.


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