Yeontura was a Filipino Unterganger, who was responsible for promoting DeltaForce62. He was also a comrade of his (XenosParodies also promoted him).


His parodies were the "most random" ideas ever conceived, and has heckled some issues about the Philippines, especially sports. He started making parodies in 2009, in light of the Wynne Arboleda incident. He regained interest in April the following year, first by uploading parodies on Facebook, and then on his YouTube channel itself.


He hasn't made any parodies since March 2011. He is implied to have retired.

Personal life

His true name is Edward dela Peña, and taking up BS Statistics in the University of the Philippines in Diliman, and likes to watch sports very much, especially basketball and football. He has his own conlang, from which his handle Yeontura (Alpannar Yənturakhar) is derived.

He is one of only a few Untergangers who has openly revealed his identity.


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