“Worst contest ever.”

The Worst Downfall Parody Contest was a contest organised by PotatoParodies (then known as RandomDolfyParodies) in September 2015. In total, the contest received 23 entries. The contest is known especially for the tardiness of the result video.


The idea was to make a deliberately terrible Downfall Parody to mock Micwan32’s low-quality parodies.

The Bottom 5 (and top parody)

The judges were:

Place Name Entry
Best yet worst parody in this current context(#23) Mitch The Desert Kiddo #17 The Fuhrerbunker Hates Hitler
5 bellmo15 Every youtube poop ever
4 Mitchell Hang(Gilblitz112) awful parody.veg.mp4
3 Parodyhall Funniest parody ever
2 CanaDolfy98 This parody is horrible
1 WonkyTonkBotty WonkyTonkBotty's Crapsterpiece

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