WonkyTonkBotty (aka Jake Ingram) is an English First-generation Unterganger and YouTube Pooper, born December 10, 1992.


He made his debut with the Untergangers on 13 April 2010, when he released five parodies all in that day (he'd made them before just not released them). These were "Hitler Gets Fucked Over by Namco", "Hitler Hates Left 4 Dead 2" (both using the traditional bunker rant scene), "Chavs invade Hitler's Bunker", "Hitler's Stinky Dinner Feast" and "Hitler Fails to Order a Pizza", with the latter bringing about most of his popularity at the time.

As of early September 2019, he is still active.

Parody Style

Although he joined YT as WonkyTonkBotty in 2010 (though he has been on YT since 2006 with other usernames), he didn't start consistently uploading Downfall Parodies until early 2011. They started off with just sub-par traditional parodies, often with just the Original Bunker scene or scene of Gunsche Informing Hitler, but as he watched parodies by other Untergangers and gained access to other scenes, whilst also drawing joke inspiration from Untergangers such as hitlerrantsparodies, KakashiBallZ, vzorkic, Benad361 and others, he learned to utilize other scenes and make unique comedy scenarios with them. Although he only used Windows Movie Maker at the time, he was able to compensate a lot with stock images or "animating" with Microsoft Paint or the FX provided with Movie Maker.

As the months went by, he began to evolve his making by creating Parody music videos, making jokes and references out of his own creative edge, and also making his own superweapon parody, "Burgdorf's Pistol of Armageddon". This evolution, combined with the notice he received from other Untergangers (including Edudn01 who added him to the list of Untergangers) and his occasional interactions on the then primitive Downfall Parodies Forum helped him achieve minor success within the meme and his views and subscribers began to grow, exceeding 100, then 500.

After a short period, he began to experiment with FX for real using a trial copy of CorelEye studio, which unfortunately is not as advanced as sony Vegas, but he was still able to put it to good use, making some comedic parodies run-of-the-mill to what is usually seen in the meme by Untergangers like KakashiBallZ or Bossimias, and this yet again improved his popularity. It was around this time that his style in humour and themes began to cement, with an emphasis on eccentricity and slapstick/toilet humour, as well as outside references to be more versatile. It was in October 2011 that he acquired Sony Vegas and wasted no time showing his true potential in the community with his Halloween FX Parody, which significantly boosted his popularity and fame within the meme and further cemented his risqué comedy/writing style, as well as showcase his unique creativity.

Since then, he has continued to make DPMVs and FX parodies, with a heavy emphasis on humour, creativity and showing off his own style and expanding the meme. This is highlighted with his evolution of older parodies, superweapon parodies, and attempts to make unique parody sub-series such as "Fegelein's screamer Prank On Inglourious Basterds Hitler".

His biggest rise to stardom on YT and within the Parody community came about in April 2012, when he released "Fegelein Turns Hitler and the Bunker into a Flash Cartoon", a 31 minute DP movie which he created and animated in Flash, the official first of its kind, and considered a milestone within the community. Combined with his induction into the Unterganger Hall of Fame, he now has over 3000 subscribers, 1,000,000 views and many loyal fans, and continues to make well-received and well-known parodies of all kinds, being FX, traditional, DPMV, collaborations, etc. He also operates on DeviantArt and the official Downfall Parody Forums and Chat Rooms, whilst also making YT Poops, making him a loyal and respected member of the community.

Perception of and by the Unterganging/YouTube Community

Though he is admired and respected by many of the YouTube community (and most/all of the Downfall Parody Community) for his creativity, FX talent, originality and his long-time experience in the meme, as well as his interactivity with his subscribers, he is disliked by some YouTubers due to his devolution into using increasingly obscene, explicit and sometimes cynical themes within his work, which seemed to increase as he grew up (he was a late-teen when first joining the meme, but is now a fully-settled adult), and also, some people are irked by his aggressive and outspoken demeanor when dealing with people disliking his work or speaking out against his "gross-out" humour which is even MORE apparent in his YouTube poops. In turn, he does not hold a very high opinion of the YT community, seeing it as being filled with close-minded people, undisciplined immature folk, and unlikable people abusing anonymity. This can be noticed by the sarcastic and cynical approach he takes when responding to trolls or people speaking ill of him or his work, and he has made it clear that he is very annoyed when people either only know about him because of CERTAIN videos (he prefers people who appreciate all of his work or videos as opposed to just one-hit wonders) and especially when people overlook his efforts and talents to complain about the politically-incorrect content he boldly includes in his work, citing it as ignorance and that YT is not a place for innocence or political correctness in the first place.

Despite these shortcomings, many people still respect him for the perception he has on real-life issues, handling of subjects with wit and social nature with YouTubers/Untergangers he likes or agrees with, as well as the bond he tries to form with his fans.

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