Map of Wolf's Lair

A map of the complex. The building no 6 is the place of the 20 July plot.

The Wolfsschanze or Wolf's Lair in English, was Adolf Hitler's first World War II Eastern Front military headquarters, one of several Führerhauptquartier (Führer Headquarters) or FHQs located in various parts of Europe. The complex, which was built for Operation Barbarossa, the 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union, was located in the Masurian woods, about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) from the small East Prussian town of Rastenburg, now Kętrzyn in Poland.

Hitler first arrived at the Wolf's Lair late on the night of 23 June 1941, and departed for the last time on 20 November 1944. Overall, he spent over 800 days there during that 3½-year period.

The Wolf's Lair was the location of the 20 July plot to kill Hitler.

The complex was blown up and abandoned on 25 January 1945, but many of the bunkers were so thick that their damaged walls and ceilings remain. The remains are located in Poland at the hamlet of Gierłoż (German: Forst Görlitz) near Kętrzyn.

Role in Downfall

The lair appears in the beginning of the movie, set in November 1942. A group of women are seen in the dark escorted by SS soldiers to the complex to work as secretaries for Hitler. They were welcomed in a building by Heinz Linge. As Hitler emerges from the nearby room, he inspects the ladies, and chose Traudl Humps after testing her.

In the Parodies

The Wolf's Lair is setting of the Hitler's Secreterial Interview Scene, where Hitler enters the room and is sometimes portrayed as a penthouse, especially in parodies that have an erotic tint.

Parodies that involve the Valkyrie explosion scene, use this place as an Antics Lair. One parody that made use of the explosion scene was that of KakashiBallZ's Fegelein Teams Up With Claus von Stauffenberg.


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