The Winter Bunkerland Christmas Contest was JennieParker87's 8th contest, and the third Christmas-themed parody contest. The announcement video was uploaded on the 1st of November 2015. The contest closed on 22 December 2015. The results were uploaded on 26 December 2015. The original plan was to upload the video on Christmas Day, but due to technical difficulties, the process got delayed.


The idea was to make a Downfall Parody with Christmas/winter theme (New Year's Eve theme worked too). Bonus points were given to entries with FX and fitting music.


  • No Holocaust references/highly offensive material.
  • At least one Downfall character had be used.

Winner selection

A group of judges gave points to the entries, using a form which JennieParker87 had sent to them. A judge could give points ranging from 1-10, on different categories, such as FX, music and plot. All the scores were then added together.

The judges in this contest were:


Gold level

Place Name Entry
1 Ako675 Hitler's snowy Christmas!
2 Venkyra21 Hitler's Pencil Of Winter Powers (Winter Bunkerland Contest Entry)
3 Joster285 A Berlin Christmas Story (Entry for Parker87's Winter Bunkerland Contest)
4 Martroid98 Hitler VS. Stalin: Christmas Edition (Downfall Parody) (Winter Bunkerland Contest)
5 Paul Stompbox (DP) Hitler's Fegelein-free Christmas Party (Entry to Parker87's Winter Bunkerland contest)
6 CanaDolfy98 Hitler tries to rob Fegelein! (Entry into Winter Bunkerland Contest)

Silver level

Place Name Entry
7 Dumb Fish Parodies The worst christmas ever (Entry to Parker87's winter bunkerland contest)
8 CoLDe84 Hitler's uniquely snowy Christmas (entry to Parker87's Winter bunkerland contest)
9 Hitler Rants Parodies Santa Hitler
10 Avidsonicfan1991 Hitler's COMPLETELY ruined Christmas dream
11 SantaofLaughs Hitler and the Journey to the North Pole
12 LOTRKingluis Hitler's Christmas Snow Fun! (Entry for Parker87's christmas contest)

Bronze level

Place Name Entry
13 Parodyhall Hitler's Unexpected Christmas
14 Mitchell Hang Dolfy's Christmas Party (short) [Entry for Parker87's "Winter Bunkerland" Christmas Contest
15 QuestionTuesdayFTW The Bunker's Offensive Christmas
16 MegaMr46 Hitler refuses give the Bunker a Christmas Raise (Entry for Parker87's Winter Bunkerland Contest)
17 Downfall Dolfy Hitler goes skiing (Entry for Parker87's Winter Bunkerland Contest)
18 2012FluttershyFTW Hitler's Christmas 2015 (Entry to Parker87's 'Winter Bunkerland' Contest)

Other entries (In no particular order)

Name Entry
HighBunker HxH Parodies Jodl Plans to Kill Santa Claus (Entry to Parker87's 'Winter Bunkerland' Contest)
Beom Jun Koo (Entry to Parker87's 'Winter Bunkerland' contest) Hitler's christmas email
Lotsoflogos Productions Hitler is informed that he is out of Egg Nog (Entry for Parker87's christmas contest)
CMC Channel Hitler's Crappy Christmas (JennieParker87 Contest entry)

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