Wilmolfc (born September 13, 1987) is a British Unterganger from Merseyside, U.K. 

Wilmolfc uses Windows Movie Maker for subtitles. He later started using Sony Vegas Movie Studio for inserting foreign objects into his parodies.

Wilmolfc's most popular parodies include "Grawitz's Foot stomp of doom" (1 and 2) Bunker's Got talent (removed due to copyright violation) and Hitler's driving test, in which he actually done the driving to record a route which Dolfy attempted to drive. He currently has about 112 videos. He also created a spin off channel, Goebbelsrantparodies, but so far has only uploaded 3 videos.

Wilmolfc intends to resume parody making (to a certain extent) some time in July 2013. However, this never happened and thus, he is implied to have silently retired.


  • On 11/02/11 he reached 100 subscribers.
  • On 26/08/11 (After a month's break) wilmolfc reached 400 subscribers.
  • On 27/09/11 he had around 460 subscribers.
  • As of 19/03/2012 he has 556 subscribers.
  • As of 4/02/2013 he has 696 subscribers.
  • As of early July 2013, he has 750 subscribers.

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