“Feigling! [Coward!]”

Wilhelm and Dorothee Kranz arguing is a scene in the extended edition of Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

In their apartment, Dorothee Kranz is knitting as she tells Wilhelm Kranz about what she was supposed to do about their son Peter to prevent him from fighting. Wilhelm yells showing his missing arm asking if she wants her son to be disabled as well. Dorothee tells him to stop yelling and that Peter wanted to be a part of the Hitler Youth like thousands of other kids in order to defend and avenge Germany. Dorothee knows Wilhelm's look on his face makes her look like "shit" saying he suffered but could still fight and there was nothing they could do when it rained bombs and all they had was their fear and rage.

In her defense arming the children wasn't her idea, but the Führer, where he cuts her off and says that he's sent entire armies to the graves and now lets children fight against two million Russians and that he is insane. It's at this point where they see Peter who runs off calling his dad Feigling! (Coward). Going after him wanting to talk to Peter, Wilhlem stops at the staircase. He looks at Dorothee and asks what she would have him do.

In Downfall Parodies

This scene is very rarely used in parodies. One instance of it being used is in a short segment by mfaizsyahmi in his Detective Kranz parody, a spoof of a Detective Conan opening, along with many other obscure clips from Downfall that features Peter Kranz and more or less matched the original opening.



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