Westboro Baptist Church

Based in

Topeka, Kansas, United States




Fred Phelps

Known for

  • Protesting at funerals
  • Hate mongering
  • Being a bunch of assholes

The Westboro Baptist Church is a church founded in Topeka, Kansas, in 1955. In recent years, they have become despised for protesting at funerals of soldiers killed in action and civilians killed by terror attacks or natural disasters. They claim that the victims' deaths were brought on by homosexuals and Jews, and were "rightly deserved". These actions have brought them the acrimony of the vast majority of the populace, and even drew the ire of other hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, and gangs such as the Hell's Angels, both of them denouncing the "church". 

In the Parodies

The Westboros appeared in a parody by Soalric. When Hitler explains to Günsche about the church and how evil they are, the latter remarks that he should "teach them a lesson." Inspired by the remark, Hitler resolves to destroy the Westboros, resulting in a dramatically-shocking twist when he asks Fegelein to help in the plot. The two agree to temporarily collaborate, and they end up successfully eliminating the church at one of their protests.


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