Werner Haase
Werner Haase Untergang


Werner Haase


2 August 1900


30 November 1950 (aged 50)




SS Obersturmbannführer

Known for

Surgery with a lot of blood
Telling Hitler the best way to kill himself

Played by

Matthias Habich

Werner Haase (2 August 1900 - 30 November 1950) was an SS medical officer and one of Adolf Hitler's doctors.


Haase was born in Köthen, in Saxony-Anhalt. He obtained his Doctor's degree in 1924 and then became a surgeon. He joined the Nazi Party in 1933. From 1934, forward, he served on the staff of the surgery clinic of Berlin University.

In 1935 he began serving as Hitler's deputy personal physician. On 1 April 1941, Haase joined the SS. He was promoted to SS-Obersturmbannführer on 16 June 1943. Hitler appears to have had a high opinion of him. The book Hitler's Death: Russia's Last Great Secret from the Files of the KGB, based on documents in the Soviet archives, reproduces a telegram from Hitler sent to Haase on his birthday in 1943, saying: "Accept my heartfelt congratulations on your birthday."

In the last days of the fighting in Berlin in late April 1945, Haase, with Ernst-Günther Schenck, was working to save the lives of the many wounded German soldiers and civilians in an emergency casualty station located in the large cellar of the Reich Chancellery.

On 29 April, Hitler expressed doubts about the cyanide capsules he had received through Himmler's SS. To verify the capsules' potency, Haase was summoned to the Führerbunker to test one on Hitler's dog Blondi. A cyanide capsule was crushed in the mouth of the dog, which died as a result. Hitler in conversations with Haase during this timeframe, asked the doctor for a recommended method of suicide. Haase instructed Hitler to bite down on a cyanide capsule while shooting himself in the head. Haase remained in the Führerbunker until Hitler's suicide the following afternoon. Haase then returned to his work at the emergency casualty station, where he remained until taken prisoner by the Soviet Red Army on 2 May.

Haase was made a Soviet prisoner of war. In June 1945 he was charged with being "a personal doctor of the former Reichschancellor of Germany, Hitler, and also treated other leaders of Hitler's government and of the Nazi Party and members of Hitler's SS guard". The sentence is not recorded. Haase, who suffered from tuberculosis, died in captivity in 1950.

In Downfall

In Downfall, Haase is portrayed by actor Matthias Habich. He appeared in several parodies, usually accompanied by Schenck or Erna. He is also seen during the scene where Blondi is killed.

In the parodies

Haase's constant coughing has once pissed Hitler.

Haase's coughing has also been seen as a warning signal of imminent defeat (an example of Haase's "Cough of Defeat").

His Mirror Parody Universe is Esaah Renrew, and he's not sick.


  • The end credits state that Werner Haase died in Soviet captivity in 1945. He did die in their captivity, however, in reality he died in 1950.


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