Weird Hitler Parodies is a Fifth-generation Unterganger who started making parodies in August 2017. His parodies are created using Adobe Premiere Pro.


Weird Hitler Parodies first saw a downfall parody in mid-2017. It was a parody using the original bunker scene. He thought it rather humerous, causing him to watch even more of these parodies. After several parodies, he found HRP's channel, then channels of other untergangers.  About a month later, he decided to try to make his own downfall parody using caption generator. Unfortunately, his parody wasn't saved. Shortly after finishing his first parody, he downloaded the original bunker scene to use in Adobe Premiere Pro. He made a few parodies, but didn't share them.  One day, Weird Hitler Parodies made a hitler plays video (His parodies were all private at the time) and showed it to a friend. His friend then suggested to him that he share his videos on youtube. After several days of consideration, he created his youtube channel. 

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