Weidling goes to the Bunker Scene is a scene in Downfall which is used rarely in the parodies.

In Downfall

Continuing from the previous scene, following Helmuth Weidling and his adjutant entering the bunker. After passing the first security post, they arrive at the second one. They hand over their weapons to the security checking personnel waiting for clearance. Weidling takes out a pack of cigarettes from his front coat pocket, to which the guard tells him that he's not allowed to smoke. After receiving clearance, only Weidling is allowed to go further.

Weidling meets Hans Krebs and Wilhelm Burgdorf who remind him that the Führer has forbidden westward movements and officers who disobey are to be shot. Weidling tells them that his unit has fought for days and his command post is less than a kilometer away from the enemy. Burgdorf tells him to continue and Weidling shows him his Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and tells him to watch his tone. The two generals say that Weidling would be better off explaining this incident to the Führer personally and they proceed into the bunker.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene has been used in only a handful of parodies, owing to the fact the majority of it is just Weidling walking.

Parodies using this scene usually involve the Krebs & Burgdorf duo pulling a prank or mocking Weidling, such as in Weidling's Bad Day. Another use is in Der Disneygang, where Krebs and Burgdorf opened the Burgdorf and Krebs Clothing store in the Führerbunker and Weidling is their customer.


  • Weilding's Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to him on January 15, 1943. And later the 408th Oak Leaves on February 22, 1944, and 115th Swords on November 28, 1944.
  • Weilding's adjutant, who was denied permission to access the bunker, is not seen again until Weidling announces the surrender of the Berlin garrison. His face is barely noticeable behind the General, while he speaks in front of the recording machine.


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