“If I do not hear from Steiner within 15 minutes, somebody will be shot!”
―Hitler angry about Steiner.

War and Remembrance Hitler is the Hitler from the War and Remembrance mini-series (W&R).

In the Parodies

The W&R Hitler is described as a man who is always angry, often for no reason. When he has a reason, its usually about Steiner's failed attack (like the Downfall Hitler), Franz Halder's constant objections or his staff. His ranting and anger is so extreme, that he surpasses Downfall Hitler by far. Compared to him the W&R Hitler shows no restraint whatsoever and even resorts to wanting to shoot someone when he doesn't hear anything from Steiner. In fact, Downfall Hitler even suggested him to get some anger management during a telephone conversation.

During the War of The Hitlers, this Hitler was one of Downfall Hitler's early enemies. However, the war easily went in favor of the Downfall Hitler, probably because W&R Hitler was too busy ranting to his subordinates to be able to lead the war. Eventually his Reich gets crushed by the real life Hitler. Predictably, he did not accept the loss of the war and commits suicide with his Eva. His own soldiers defected to Downfall Hitler at the end of the series.

Günsche interviewed him on three occasions. We learn that this Hitler's favorite TV show is Lost , his favorite Rammstein song is Amerika, and he lacks intelligence.

Quotes related to him

“Everybody out! Oooooooooooooout! Oooooooooooooooooooooout! Ooooooout!”
―W&R Hitler telling everyone to GTFO during his version of the Original Bunker Scene
“Betrayed, Double-crossed, Deceived, Surrounded by liars!!”
―W&R Hitler, yet there was no Burgdorf in the room to reply on him insulting his generals
War and Remembrance was a fiction, these historical scenes were shot only to set the mood for the rest of the series. Some of the fictionalized scenes towards the end are positively frightening, or at least were to me because I watched them as a child.”
―TheLastBrainLeft excusing W&R Hitler's rage
“According to William L. Shirer's ya book, The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler, which I have a copy of and eyewitness accounts, the rage that Hitler had on April 22, 1945, was the worst rage of his life, very much how Berkoff is acting out.”
―Brian Sedlock, also excusing W&R Hitler's rage
“I can no longer go on! I! The war is lost! Lost! Lost! Lost! Stupid, incompetent idioooooooooooots!!!!”
―W&R Hitler overreacting as usual.
“Treachery... lies, corruption everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy's against me!”
―W&R Hitler throwing a tantrum his version of the Original Bunker Scene
“If you depart from the truth... the sliiiighteest... I will know and you will pay! With your heads.”
―W&R Hitler, threatening to kill his Speer and General Armin von Roon like a psychopathic manchild


  • Downfall Hitler asked Keitel, Jodl, Krebs and Burgdorf to stay in the room, while W&R Hitler asked Keitel, Bormann, Krebs and Jodl to stay.
  • It is ironic that the actor that portrays him, Steven Berkoff (best known as General Orlov in the James Bond movie Octopussy and many other villains), is Jewish and a committed Zionist, who believes that being a Jew is inseparable from being a Zionist.
    • It can be therefore concluded that W&R Hitler is the only Zionist Hitler in existence.


A YouTube clip showing the legendary ranting skills of this Hitler


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