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War and Remembrance is an American miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Herman Wouk. It is the sequel to highly successful The Winds of War. It continues the story of the extended Henry family and the Jastrow family starting on 15 December 1941 and ending on 6 August 1945. Along with this storyline, there is also the US war campaigns storyline, the Holocaust inception and Hitler's rants during and at the end of WW2. The series is made of 12 episodes. The series received mixed to positive reviews from critics.

In Downfall Parodies

A couple of Untergangers have used War and Remembrance in parodies, one of the main issues that the series is in English, rather than German. The WaR Hitler is considered to have one of the most violent rants of all Hitlers in existence. Because of this, several Untergangers, like Hitler Rants Parodies have used him in parodies, in which Downfall Hitler calls him to ask him about Steiner.

Another Unterganger, cripplehawk has also used scenes from WaR in 2 parodies, Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler Hermann Wouk's "War and Remembrance" and Hitler rants about Steiner (If I don't hear from Steiner within 15 minutes somebody will be shot).

Otto Günsche has created Günsche Interviews War and Remembrance Hitler, where he interviewed him, although after three questions he quit, realizing he's too crazy.


  • The series is known for its many historical innacuracies, including:
    • The portrayal of Stauffenberg's failed plot (in the miniseries there are two and the first one is fictional).
    • Hitler's rant about Steiner's failed attack.
    • Jodl has full hair.
  • Göring has lines.
  • Several unseen Downfall characters appear in the mini-series, such as: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gerd von Rundstedt and Joseph Stalin.
  • Erwin Rommel also appears in the film.
  • Hitler appears in pajamas.
  • Costing over $110 million, it was, at the time, the most expensive mini-series ever.


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