Walter Wagner
Walter Wagner (with glasses) marries Hitler to Eva


Walter Wagner




Date unspecified


May 1945

Played by

Norbert Heckner

Walter Wagner was the notary who married Adolf Hitler to Eva Braun in the Führerbunker on April 29, 1945.

Wagner was a lawyer, and a member of the Nazi Party. He was known to Joseph Goebbels, who had previously worked with him in Berlin. As the Allies approached Berlin he had been drafted into the army. When Hitler told Goebbels of his intention to marry, Goebbels had Wagner summoned to the bunker. When he arrived on 28 April he discovered that the proper paperwork was not available. Later that evening he had obtained the documentation and was able to perform the ceremony just after midnight.

Immediately afterwards Wagner rejoined his unit. He was killed only a few days later during the Battle of Berlin.

In Downfall Parodies

Walter Wagner, played by Norbert Heckner, has a minor role, in which he marries Hitler to Eva. One parody by ChileanAntics depict him as a doctor.

In other parodies, Wagner, while marrying Hitler to Eva, is verbally berated by Goebbels for messing up the wedding process.


  • Walter Wagner also married Joseph Goebbels to Magda.
  • The name of the notary who married Hitler to Eva was unknown until near the release of Downfall.
  • When the group led by Mohnke passes through a group of refugees near a wrecked tram, an SS officer is seen and heard decorating a Sturmmann named Wagner. It's unclear if it's supposed to be the same Walter Wagner, since the actor seen in the scene not Norbert Heckner and Wagner is a very common German name.

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