Vincentalot-XD Ms. Yawhaw

Vincentalot-XD Ms. Yawhaw (formerly known as Vincentalot-XD Elite) is a Filipino Sixth-generation Untergangerin, known for making FX parodies that are rather crudely made (intentionally so), not unlike Dumb Fish Parodies. She also makes gaming parodies.

Aside from her Downfall parodies, she is also known for uploading videos of the zombie survival game, Unturned.


Vincentalot XD's first came across the Hitler Parodies when she discovered Hitler plays MineCraft: The Noob by The Shogun and Super Hitler Kart by Fegelein: The Lost Tapes.

She would maker her debut as a Untergangerin on July 30, 2018, with If Goebbels Had an Epic Reaction on Hitler's Death.

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