Vimeo is a video sharing website, which gives more focus on the individual users than YouTube.

Vimeo was founded by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein in November 2004. As of December 2011, Vimeo attracts 65 million unique visitors per month and has more than 8 million registered users.


Just like YouTube, the videos use Flash. Unlike YouTube, there is a button that allows you to download the video you watch, though this feature is optional. As of 9 October 2007, Vimeo supports High Definition videos.

Downfall community

Some Untergangers would resort to host their parodies here (among the variety of similar video hosts) when their parodies are blocked from YouTube.

Untergangers that use Vimeo:


Vimeo hasn't caused any problems to the Untergangers (yet), with the exception of F-A Alexander, who was forced to use a VPN to access the website because the Indonesian government banned it for obscenity.

There have been small controversies, such as the decision to no longer allow gaming videos, as of 21 July 2008.

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