“Call me Darky.”

VileHQ (formerly known as Dark Slash Parodies, Dark Knight X, also more commonly known as Dark Slash X and often referred to as simply Darky), is a Mexican-American fifth-generation UntergangerAngry German Kid video maker, and YouTube Pooper of Spanish ancestry, who started making parodies in July 15th of 2017. He was independent of the Unterganger Community until August 24th of 2018, when he joined the Unterganger Chat Central. Because of this, he was briefly mistaken for a sixth gen until he clarified otherwise. He is also a current moderator of the Unterganger Chat Central. As of August of 2020, he stands at 280 subscribers and 39,000+ views along with 89 Downfall Parodies total on his channel.


VileHQ originally joined YouTube on May 28th, 2014 under his real name and would upload simple videos made with Legos or other stuff, given his limitations because he made them with a fliphone. After he upgraded to a smartphone, he deleted all his videos and his channel lay dormant for a few years. Later in 2016, he recieved a better phone and found motivation to upload gaming videos, however he hardly found time to make them, thus leaving his channel to lay dormant once more.

Later in that same year, he first found out about the meme when he came across a video called Hitler Gets Banned From XBOX Live as a recommended video related to the Angry German Kid, and recognized it due to having previously watched the Cleveland Show spoof a few years ago. However he didn't start making parodies until July of 2017. 

Debut into Unterganging

He made his debut to unterganging with two parodies, Hitler's Plan to go to Walmart and Hitler Trolls Leopold Slikk, made and uploaded in one go on the 15th of July, 2017. Despite them gaining few views, he continued to make Downfall Parodies along with Angry German Kid Videos for fun. He also deleted all videos made prior to that parody due to having matured and now considering them pathetic attempts at YouTube videos.

He joined the Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Discord Server on February 5th of 2017, sparking his first interactions within the Unterganger community. On August 25th 2018, a couple months later, he was personally invited by Delphox to join the Unterganger Chat Central. Later that same year he was kicked from the HRPC Discord but decided not to fight it. In December 21st, 2018 he established his own server now called Vilentia

On December of 2018 he got into making YouTube Poops, however he continues making Downfall Parodies since he still enjoys doing so. In April 10th 2019, he reached the 100 subscribers milestone.  In the 27th of May 2019, he celebrated the 5th anniversary of his time on YouTube.

On the 29th of August 2019, He decided to change his channel's name to VileHQ. A few weeks later on the 19th of September, he announced his own contest named The Blast of the Past Contest which he helped oversee. After some time he finally delivered the results, thus ending the contest.

First Dormancy and Return

Unfortunately, in January 2020, he announced his retirement due to a lack of access to a good computer for making videos and his cellphone being broken. He said he will go back to making videos when he gets his hands on his own computer. Later, he clarified that he only announced his retirement out of frustration. He announced his dormancy, saying that his phone would be fixed in short time if not replaced.

The dormancy only lasted about two weeks as his his father decided to replace his phone for him, after which Darky wasted no time in announcing the subsequent end of his dormancy once he gets his files and editing software back together. Soon after, he uploaded his first video of the year, thus officially ending his dormancy.

In Februrary of 2020, a few weeks before his 18th birthday, he reached the 200 subscriber milestone, after which he wasted no time in announcing and hosting a special event which consisted of a QnA and a Downfall Parody/YouTube Poop Collab to commemorate both events.

Near Channel Termination

On May 13 of 2020, Darky discovered that a user stole his then most popular upload simply because it was related to COVID-19. He thus attempted to copystrike the user in an attempt to take the video down. However since he was gullible enough to not use his real name as his signature, he had accidentally put himself at risk of a channel termination. In a last ditch effort, he retracted his claim, but at the cost of the original video. Fortunately he succeeded and essentially evaded a channel termination.

In May 17 of 2020, he released his long overdue collab to commemorate the 6th anniversary of his channel.

Around June 12 of 2020 he had decided to go dormant for a few days due to personal problems, but two days later decided he would continue to make videos to get his mind off of his troubles.


VileHQ started his career making laughably low quality traditional style parodies, but as time passed his skill improved considerably. Currently he tends to upload FX or story based parodies. He is also known to make videogame based parodies. One thing that has remained consistent however is that he makes all his parodies with his cellphone since he doesn't own a computer. He also tends to incorporate rude humor and sex jokes.

VileHQ Extended Cinematic Universe


Hitler Quits

Main article: Hitler Quits

Hitler is fed up with life in the bunker and resigns from the position as the Führer. However his problems manage to follow him to his job at a Wataburger run by J. Jonah Jameson, who ends up firing him, thus prompting Hitler leave Berlin completely. Production had previously been on hold due to complications as well as personal issues (lack of motivation or time), but he has once again began working on the third episode. He also stated that 5 episodes won't be enough to tell the story. The entire series thus far can be found here.

Parodies canon to the VileHQECU

Hitler's Christmas Calamity

Hitler's Christmas Calamity - The opening sequence consists of Hitler as a kid complaining about getting a gift he did not want for Christmas, being a Gameboy instead of a Gameboy Advance. Hitler's dad then retorts with the reason he did not get what he wanted, followed by a flashback to presumably a few weeks prior. In the flashback, Hitler is planning to sell hentai posters to make enough money to buy himself the GBA, to which Jodl objects to (seemingly having been doing this since an accident that happened that caused him to lose his hair as he is bald). Then the flashback cuts back to Hitler's dad scolding him for that incident along with not being grateful that he got a gift at all. This part of the parody can be considered canon as the said incident is also mentioned in Hitler and the Waifu Incident as the one thing that got Hitler expelled. Furthermore, VileHQ stated it to be a lost episode to TSU's series Hitler's Childhood.

Hitler and his army vs the Moe Girl Army

Hitler and his army vs the Moe Girl Army - A bunch of Moe girls have seized Dolfy's panzers, which leads to him declaring war on them. Fegelein leads the effort and seemingly starts with the upper hand. However the Moe army ends up destroying Dolfy's only remaining panzer. All seems lost until an unknown member of the Waifu Army assists Dolfy's army. The waifu is revealed to be none other than Sabrina, who is Hitler's waifu. However Hitler deliberately hides this from everyone. Since Fegelein was present when Sabrina gave the assist, this ends up explaining why Fegelein put two and two so quickly in Hitler and the Waifu Incident, effectively making this parody work as a prequel to the prequel to Hitler Quits. However here Sabrina is a living being, whereas she is canonically Hitler's dakimakura. Darky has yet to explain this.

Hitler and the Waifu Incident

Hitler and the Waifu Incident - Hitler is revealed to be masturbating to Sabrina from Pokemon which not only leads to him being humiliated by Fegelein, but also leads to Eva proceeding to leave him for ProJared. The ending sort of references a certain fiasco that happened with ProJared before it was revealed false. VileHQ also stated he would be deleting all videos making fun of Jared yet decided to keep this one along with the first episode of Hitler Quits, since ProJared either hardly appeared in them or wasn't the main focus. This parody also chronologically precedes the Hitler Quits series, making it canon.


Period Parody Category
March 2019 (BIRTHDAY SPECIAL) Hitler hates Unterganger Birthdays Best Current Events (DCA)
September 2019 (DPMV) Burgdorf's Positive Energy Best DPMV (DCA)
September 2019 The Batler (Batman 1989 Spoof) Most Innovative (DCA)
October 2019 Hitler can't find any Pokémon in Glimwood Tangle Forest Best FX & Best Video Game Based (DCA)
November 2019 Hitler rants about Pokémon Sword and Shield Best Current Events & Best Video Game Based (DCA)

Unterganger of the Month (DCA)

February 2020 Hitler and the VileHQ-Aisha Problem Best Current Events & Parody of the Month (DCA)
March 2020 Fegelein's Screamer Prank on Inglorious Basterds Hitler: VileHQ's Vacation Video Best Current Events (DCA)
April 2020 Hitler Finds out that Rick May has passed away from COVID-19 (Reuploaded in May) Best Current Events (DCA)

He also won second place (gold medal) in The Blumbunker Productions Contest.


  • July 17, 2017: A 35-sec long intro with Downfall footage and a remix of the Sonic 2 Special Stage.
  • July 26, 2017: A 53 second intro which starts with his Dark Knight X card, then cuts to AGK and Downfall footage, followed by the title of the video. From here it becomes obvious that Darky was still new to the concept of YouTube intros. The music that plays is the Mega Man X5 Prologue theme.
  • July 26, 2017 - August 21, 2017: A drastically shortened version of the previous intro which is reduced to only the first 11 seconds. At this point, Darky began to mature a bit and began to grasp the concept that intros shouldn't take up a huge chunk of the video.
  • August 29, 2017: A version of the previous intro which uses the Batman Returns NES Cutscene Theme 2.
  • September 16, 2017: A reworked version of the Dark Knight X card which uses the Batman Return of the Joker Boss theme.
  • September 29, 2017: Ditto but with the Super Contra Stage 1 theme.
  • October 15, 2017: Basically an intro reminiscent of 1920s silent films, which fit the video it was used for.
  • November 23, 2017 - December 14, 2017: Mega Man X Title Screen like intro that says "Dark Knight X".
  • September 5, 2018: Intro reminiscent of the Mega Man X6 Maverick Stage Intros, animated and everything.
  • October 29, 2019 - December 19, 2019: Title card that reads; "Dark Slash Parodies Presents: German Bunker Parodies" along with a picture of Hitler and Fegelein in the bunker. Uses the "Capcom Classics Collection" Capcom Logo theme
  • May 4th, 2019 - August 9, 2019: A shot of the Elsword Anime overlapped by Hitler ranting scenes, which then cuts to the "Dark Slash X" card. Uses the SNK Playmore Jingle. Later versions replaces the shots of Dolfy with a compilation of videos made by Darky. Directly precedes his change into VileHQ.
  • September 4, 2019 - Present: An intro reminiscent of the QSound Logo, but Vile Harlequinified. Subsequent intros flash in static before changing the jingle from the 16 bit version to the 32 bit version. Altenate intros use the alternate QSound jingle. Recent intros use the Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers SNES Tournament Fight Theme, plus a brief shine effect when the "VILE HARLEQUIN" pops up.

Editing Assets

  • LG Stylo 5
  • PowerDirector Bundle
  • Kinemaster Diamond (Mod)
  • Mobizen LG
  • Thumbnail Maker
  • Background Eraser



  • He is primarily known as Dark Slash X (or Darky for short).
  • VileHQ actually stands for Vile Harlequin, a nod to Harley Quinn who he has an affection for.
    • While the Harlequin part is obvious, the Vile part represents the vile nature of his content's humor, ranging from offensive and vulgar to straight up obscene and perverted.
  • He seems to be an old school gaming fetishist enthusiast.
  • He is also a fan of Capcom.
  • There have been instances where a few members of the community mistook him for a girl. This is probably due to his tendency to have profile pictures of female characters online and his gender neutral mannerisms, which combined can be confusing.
    • Ironically, he is quite manly irl.
    • If he were to make any other type of content, it would be self made skits which would sometimes involve him crossdressing for comedic purposes, along with wearing ridiculous costumes for the same thing, not unlike Filthy Frank or iDubbz.
  • He is one of the many members involved against Tailasy. This includes making his own memes and deliberately bad fan art that has to do with him.
  • He is not against making fun of himself or being made fun of as long as it's for comedic purposes. This is probably because he likes the attention it brings him.
  • He often adds references to anime, videogames and other media in his parodies.
  • He was born exactly 69 (hurr-hurr-hurr) years after Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp, was built under the orders of Heinrich Himmler.
    • He was also born exactly 58 years after Nazi Germany occupied Hungary.
  • He makes his parodies with his smartphone, as he can't afford a proper computer.
    • This also means that storage is an issue for him.
      • However, this never truly stopped him from making parodies. Some untergangers were even impressed that he made his parodies using a phone.
        • Some recent newcomers even followed in his footsteps and made their debuts making parodies on their cellphones, thus effectively making VileHQ a pioneer Of "Mobile Unterganging".
  • He technically had his first interactions with the community back when he first joined the Hitler Rants Parodies Discord.
  • He also has other YouTube channels, such as Dark Slash X, VileHQ Plays and Vilehelm Burgdorf Association, however none of them are as popular as his VileHQ channel.
  • His channel used to be called "Dark Knight X", then transitioned to "Dâkusurashu X", then "Dark Slash Parodies", and currently VileHQ.
  • He once discussed the idea of making parodies using Source Filmmaker, however the only thing preventing him from making it a reality is the lack of a computer.
    • However he may make SFM Parodies once he aqcuires a computer of his own.
  • He did voice work for Dominus's parody The Blocksworld Dillema 2, where he played himself.
    • He is not against doing voice work for fellow untergangers or friends, despite his voice not being the best.
  • He is a regular in the Unterganger Chat Central and tends to frequent the food-drinks and NSFW channels.
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