VileHQ (Formerly known as Dark Slash Parodies, Dark Slash X and Dark Knight X) is a fifth-generation Unterganger, as well as a recent YouTube Pooper, of Mexican Descent from the United States that debuted on July 15th 2017. However he wasn't discovered until almost a year later, causing him to be briefly mistaken for a sixth gen. He has also been a fan of Pokémon since 2015 when he first picked up his first copy of Pokémon Soul Silver and a fan of Mega Man X since 2016.


Dark Slash Parodies established his YouTube Channel in May 28th, 2014 under his real name due to having a flip phone back then and he didn't know how to properly change his username. Back then he uploaded a Lego animation, and a few other simple videos, which he later on deleted since they made him cringe. It wasn't until a year later, when he upgraded to a smartphone (albeit a bad one), that he found out how to change his username to "Dark Knight X". However he had stopped uploading videos for a few years and wouldn't upload again until 2016, where he would upload gameplays of retro games, or even Minecraft. But uploading constantly became a bit tedious as personal life issues and school work got in the way of doing so.

Later in that same year, he first found out about the meme when he came across a video called Hitler Gets Banned From XBOX Live as a recommended video since he already knew the Angry German Kid, and recognized it due to having previously watched the Cleveland Show spoof a few years ago. However he didn't start making parodies until July in 2017. 

His first official parody is Hitler's Plan to go to Walmart, uploaded on the 15th of July 2017. Despite it gaining few views, he continued to make Downfall Parodies along with AGK Parodies for fun. He also deleted all videos made prior to that parody due to having matured and now considering them pathetic attempts at YouTube videos. He joined the HRPC Discord Server on February 5th, and became acquainted with many members of the community. On August 25th 2018, over a year later, he was personally invited by Delphox to join the Unterganging Community. Later on that same year he was kicked from the HRPC Discord but decided not to fight it. In December 21st, 2018 he established his own server now called Vile Harlequin Headquarters. In April 10th 2019, he reached the 100 subscribers milestone. He currently stands at 157 subscribers and over 17k views along with 64 Downfall Parodies total on his channel as of September 24th 2019.

On the 29th of August 2019, He decided to change his channel's name to VileHQ. A few weeks later on the 19th of September, he announced a new contest of which he will be helping to oversee.

Parody Style

VileHQ has no set style, however he began to make FX parodies more frequently, his most recent, major one being the second episode of a currently ongoing parody series of his called Hitler Quits. His current most popular upload is Hitler works at Little Caesars, which happens to be another FX parody. However he is known to have made other types of parodies, such as tradional, traditional modified and audio based. He has also made a few videogame based parodies centered around Hitler playing a game but getting sabotaged by Fegelein in the craziest of ways possible. He has also begun to use headpasting more frequently. His current means of making parodies are two phone applications: Power Director Bundle and KineMaster Diamond, due to not owning a laptop currently.


Period Parody Category
March 2019 (BIRTHDAY SPECIAL) Hitler hates Unterganger Birthdays Best Current Events (DCA)
September 2019 Hitler hates Unterganger Birthdays Best DPMV (DCA)
September 2019 The Batler (Batman 1989 Spoof) Most Innovative (DCA)

He also won second place (gold medal) in The Blumbunker Productions Contest.


  • Being an otaku, he tends to incorporate some references to anime and videogames into his parodies. 
  • He used to incorporate himself in a couple parodies, though looking back it makes him cringe.
  • His character quirk for Burgdorf has him referring to Hitler with the respective Japanese term "-sama", another nod to him being an otaku.
  • He originally planned for his channel to be a gaming channel. However he abandoned the idea due to lack of motivation and due to him not having a good enough computer. He deleted all videos made prior to his first Downfall Parody.
  • He tends to cancel some projects if they start taking too long for him to finish.
  • He loves the Trololo and RickRoll, much to Hitler's discontent.
  • He also loves anything that's old school.
  • He originally found out about the meme through a related video to AGK, which he found out about thanks to his younger brother.
  • He used to be known as "Dark Knight X", then transitioned to "Dâkusurashu X", and ultimately to Dark Slash Parodies.
  • He now understands some of the scenes in Downfall as he slightly understands German.
  • He recently got into making YouTube Poops, however he plans to continue making Downfall Parodies since he still enjoys doing so.


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