VideoPad Video Editor is a free-to-try video editing software by NCH Software. Despite its small size, it packs a lot of features comparable to other video editors available. Its performance is about halfway between the laymen-grade Windows Movie Maker and the professional-grade Sony Vegas.

The software was initially available for Windows, although ports for OS X and Android were later released. In spite of its feature set and small size, it can get clunky on older and lower-spec computers, and Untergangers had to have an Internet connection most of the time because VideoPad downloads its codecs on a ad-hoc basis. It is free to use for 14 days, after which Untergangers have to purchase it. There is also an option for users to downgrade to a free non-licensed version with lesser features and no trial period.

Untergangers notable of using VideoPad includes mfaizsyahmi, smoglessbutton4 and NeinTails95NL. It should be noted that mfaizsyahmi used the version from mid-2011, and he found the latest version to be very laggy. He thus no longer endorse VideoPad.


Some features relevant to Unterganging include (as of 2011's version, these might not be entirely truthful to the latest version):

  • Supports just about all the major video and audio formats out there, using an integrated ad-hoc codec downloading.
  • Full of video transitions and effects. This can be extended with VirtualDub's plugins.
  • Effects and transitions duration can be adjusted.
  • Intuitive sequence-based subtitling features. Unfortunately not integrated in the timeline view (so there's no drag-dropping.)
  • Supports text and image/video overlays. A simple Chroma keying is also included.
  • Supports video stabilizing (deshaking.)
  • Ability to render stereoscopic 3D videos
  • Can export to a variety of formats and dimensions (up to full HD.)
  • Can directly upload your project to YouTube.
    • No longer works when YouTube changed its API. Same thing happens to older versions of other video editors including Sony Vegas Pro 11.


Unfortunately there are some drawbacks which include:

  • No traditional Cut/Copy/Paste support. It can only duplicate a video sequence.
    • Solution: Use the clip duplication feature. Later versions support use of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Could not change pitch and speed of an audio sequence (those that do not couple with a video.)
  • Overlays are placed on top of subtitles.
    • Solution: Render project with subtitles turned off, copy the project file, replace all clips in the project with the first rendered video and re-render with subtitles enabled.
  • Still image in videos doesn't render properly most of the time.
    • Solution: Place a faint, moving text overlay over the still image.
  • Preview sometimes takes forever.
    • Solution: Same as above. It can also appear from missing plugins; the missing effects need to be removed completely from the project.

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