Vasily Chuikov
Chuikov insults a certain map pointer.


Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov


12 February 1900


18 March 1982 (aged 82)

Portrayed by

Aleksandr Slastin

Notable for

Stuffing Matvey Blanter into his closet, his hoarding problem


The Man of Iron Will, The Stone (both in real life)

“Every German soldier must be made to feel that he is living under the muzzle of a Russian gun.”
Vasily Chuikov
“Do you want me to stuff you into my closet?”
―Chuikov to his latest visitor
“хорошо! [Horosho]”
―His verdict on the propaganda drawings.
“Что такое?! (Chto Takoje)”
―Chuikov Getting disturbed
―Chuikov's buffalaxed response to Krebs, after the "Idiots" and "Stupid" attack.

Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov (Russian: Васи́лий Ива́нович Чуйко́в; IPA: [vʌ'sʲɪlʲɪj t͡ɕʉjkof]; 12 February 1900 – 18 March 1982) was a Soviet general. His fame stems mostly from commanding the 62nd Army during the Battle of Stalingrad. During the Battle of Berlin, Chuikov still commanded the 62nd Army (renamed 8th Guards Army for all their achievements), a part of Marshal Georgi Zhukov's - with whom he is NOT to be confused - 1st Belorussian Front. After Hitler's suicide, General Hans Krebs tried to negotiate a ceasefire with Chuikov. The Soviet commander demanded an unconditional surrender which Krebs was not authorized to offer. The German was forced to return empty-handed to the Bunker.

Downfall Parody Universe

While the Berlin garrison surrendered on 2 May 1945 in real life, the parallel universe depicts Chuikov's forces besieging the Bunker for several years now. Fearing Hitler's Pencil of Doom, the Soviets are biding their time, having concluded that anyhow, Fegelein's antics are worse than anything they could do to the German dictator. While waiting for Hitler to snap, Chuikov has took up painting and founded his own drug cartel. Chuikov's main recreational activity is to have conversations with Krebs - who has been tricked by Fegelein to think that he knows Russian - though the nature of these conversations aren't always friendly sometimes leading to a curse-off. Krebs' visits provide Chuikov with an excuse to shove his tiresome flunkey Matvey Blanter (yes, the closet guy is a real person and the incident actually occurred) into the nearest wardrobe.

Because of this, some parody makers portray Chuikov as having a hoarding problem, to the point that he stuffs half of the Downfall cast, Muammar al-Gaddafi, an elephant, and even his own boss, Joseph Stalin, into his closet.

He once had Dolfy disappeared (shoved in the infamous closet) and replaced him as the Führer, much to Günsche's surprise.


  • Chuikov seem to have pulled the wardrobe knob off in his haste of hiding Blanter. This is most likely a mishap in the filming set.


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