While the many characters has their own basic depictions of characters, some Untergangers gave different depictions to each of the characters.

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Hitler Rants Parodies

Otto Günsche

HRP's depiction of Günsche is slightly more insidious. He was the mastermind behind the assassination of Hitler. He was also the enemy within who weakened the United Reich before the Space Nazis invaded Earth in The Final Conflict.


The Hitler/Fegelein Rivalry

Unlike "mainstream" Downfall parodies where Hitler and Fegelein are depicted as life-long rivals, Joster285 decided to make parodies where it is seen that Hitler and Fegelein (After the events of Fegelein the Führer) have put an end to their rivalry. One of his parodies shows Fegelein saving Hitler from a trial against him for taking a shit in Chuikov's sandwich[1]. Another parody, in which Hitler plans to pre-order Mortal Kombat, has Hitler make a brief mention on having Fegelein play as Johnny Cage[2]. He also assists Hitler in the Battle of Black Friday, helping him buy an Xbox One and expose the mastermind behind the PC gamer invasion as well as investigating the leader of the HD Revolution.

  • Also, in the EXTENDED Ending of Fegelein the Führer, Hitler talks to Fegelein about the explosion incident. Before Fegelein offers to accept a certain punishment, Hitler reassures him that it's not his fault and that he forgot to turn off the propane tanks (which just happened to be laying around above the bunker) and reminding him that he's still the co-führer and tactical advisor.

Hans Krebs

In Joster’s parodies, Krebs is portrayed as a hardcore PC gamer, who sees and treats the console gamers (and the consoles themselves) with disdain.


Walter Hewel

In Joster’s parodies, Hewel is portrayed as a diehard Sony fan, along with Stehr.



Traudl Junge

VenomFrogX depicted Traudl as another "antic-doer", as she commits antics against Hitler.

"Shared" depictions

Hermann Fegelein

As stated previously, Fegelein's basic depiction is still used, but some Untergangers, such as FegeleinsRevenge, Edudn01, or sparx476 showed Fegelein to be "abnormal" and "inhuman" as he can revive himself, and more, something that a normal human couldn't do. It is described that Fegelein was in fact, Chuck Norris in disguise, and some said that Fegelein is the "Jason Voorhees of Nazi Germany".

Joseph Goebbels

His thin physique, high cheekbone, and sunken eyes earned him the nickname Skeletor. He is quite a family man, and has notable skills in ranting.

Otto Günsche

Günsche is in most cases dumb and useless to Hitler. He informs Hitler of pointless subjects on a daily basis. He is still Hitler's trusted aide, however, as he doesn't interrupt his speech nor does he object to his plans.

Heinrich Himmler

Himmler, being Fegelein's boss, is almost always portrayed as being an intense source of frustration, especially in the Hitler Dinning Scene.

Alfred Jodl

Most parodies Jodl place him in his traditional role - either to provide Hitler with bad news in the Original Bunker Scene or to object to his plans in the Hitler Planning Scene. However, the reasoning behind Jodl's objections varies widely. Some Untergangers often have Jodl objecting by pointing out the obvious flaws in Hitler's plans, while others might come up with a more humorous reason for his objections.

Wilhelm Keitel

Keitel is unanimously considered to be always serious and never laughs.

Hans Krebs

Krebs is depicted to be in love to either maps, fish or Burgdorf. He also often doesn't react well to Bunker Jokes directed at him.

Mikhail Tukhachevsky

Cold and warlike, rarely giving way to any emotions aside from being calculating, ruthless and on-edge. However, occasionally seen giving way to the odd grin, playful remark, humorous moment, fear or uneasiness.

Wilhelm Burgdorf

Burgdorf is known for his fast ranting and his alcoholism. He is also known for shooting at Fritzsche due to the latter doing multiple things illegally. Some parodies also depict him as a singer.

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