If you are wondering why "wiki" is not capitalized, it is a common noun that means a website on which users collaboratively modify content and structure directly from the web browser. "Hitler Parodies Wiki" is a proper noun phrase which is recognized by Fandom.

The wiki needs a good overhaul. Several problems exist in my opinion.

Major problems:

  • A lot of articles don't fit into the right categories;
  • There are inconsistencies of article names;
    • Capitalization: For example, the word "scene" doesn't need to be capitalized for every Downfall scene. The scenes are not proper noun phrases (example from Wikipedia) unless a majority of people recognize it as one;
    • Naming: For example, naming of "Downfall parodies" and "Downfall parody" in articles;
  • There are files without licenses could potentially be copyright violations;
  • There is a lack of references. A lot of content is original research, no primary or secondary sources that are independent sources. However, original research is still acceptable if there are no existing sources.

Minor problems:

(Will update soon)

Wei4Green (talk) 13:43, November 20, 2018 (UTC)

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