Hey, it's sonic7emerald here. Since I was finally labelled as dormant again, I figured I may as well reveal my future plans now.

To be frank, I'm starting to lose interest in making Untergang parodies. Been a thing for a while now, but I'm really not feeling like making even one lately. I do have one WIP, but very short and will not indicate I'm returning or anything.

I'm still considering whether to keep a bit of presence for the next half a year or so. But regardless of my decision, the main focus on my channel will now be:

1. Transport videos

2. Animal videos

3. MADs

4. Possibly some anime related videos if I feel like revealing my voice, room and stuff (still thinking about it)

5. Idolm@ster (depends on whether I ccan get my hands on some apps to record stuff from my phone)

As for whether I will retire or not, I've not made my decision yet. But if I eventually do decide to retire I will be sure to officially announce it. So yeah, I'm not ruling out the possibility of me making Untergang parodies yet, just not as often as an active Unterganger normally would.

Thank you for all these years, by the way. I know it's full of ups and downs, but I've met good friends here. I'm honestly glad you guys still support me (despite me being the center of several controversies that I won't mention again) and I wish you all well. Until then, see you.

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