I can't believe I have to say this. I've had enough of this community and its endless drama in every single corner, seriously. I thought people are better than that and can get along especially after all that we've been through. Apparently I was wrong. Completely wrong about it all. People actually stab each other behind the back, stir up all sorts of BS while no one is looking and trying to get away with those. Worse still, the methods people in this community use against others just keep getting more and more radical. Can someone tell me why this community has went from flame wars to ACTUAL HACKING AND INFO STEALING?!

Seems like I have no hope in fitting in this community at all given the shape its in after all these years. Therefore, may as well count myself out. Actually, just forget that I was ever a part of this community. I just hope whoever next to be a part of this community can actually help put a stop to all the internal wars that kept going no matter what the hell we do.

(As for why I left HRP's chat, I just can't fit in there cause I'm not into the main stuff that were talked there and I actually failed at respecting and instead become a possible source of drama...)

I will only keep in contact with some trusted fews. Only the trusted fews. Don't bother trying to get me to return fully to the community cause I refuse to with the current shape. (of course, unless everyone responsible for the dramas are completely purged from existence, which is impossible it seems)

Wiki admins you decide if this should stay or should go away along with my account.

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