The Discord chatrooms have caused so many problems. I have never engaged in them, so I don't know what actually happened that caused Jennie to leave the community. The chatrooms resulted in the 5th and 6th Unterganger generation, and contributed to the rise of users like Micwan32 and TraitorLoxoz, and now Jennie's awards were revoked because of a hacking fag? What?

Here, I call for the complete shutdown on chatrooms, and the return of classic forums.

Also, I would like to address that the current forums arrangements are messy and slow. e.g. and have two different account systems, and I think we don't need a separate website to host videos (which is dependent on YouTube).

The subreddit also has only a few users, and has a low activity.

We need a centralized platform for sharing parodies and hosting contests. Since most Untergangers use YouTube, I think a Google+ group will be the best option.

I propose to shutdown:

  • HRP chat room
  • HitlerParodies subreddit

Advantages of a Google+ group:

  • Every Unterganger who uses YouTube can join right away
  • Simple and clean interface
  • No downvote/dislike button
  • Easy to access, by phones and tablets

Since I don't use chatrooms, please direct this message to HRP. Thank you.

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