Join Unterganger Chat Central on Discord!

What is Unterganger Chat Central? It's a Discord server for Untergangers to chat & discuss with each other about several topics or just to hang out together. You can also nominate parodies for the Downfall Community Awards as well as being a judge! There's also UnterCast, the Untergangers podcast, so be sure to check it out. Also don't forget to check out the YouTube channel or the Twitter page. 

How do I join? All you need is a Discord account. Once you join, you will be asked to validate yourself by telling a staff member who you are (You may be put in #prison-interoragtion. If you are, don't worry! Just tell the mods who you are!).  Once you are validated, you can enjoy the server but remember to read & follow the rules!

Here's the links:

Unterganger Chat Central:


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