Sources (Prologue)

  • Der Untergang
  • Chuck Chicken: The Attack of the Machines (Chinese Dub)
  • Saiyan Enigma's Golden Frieza Theme
  • Chuck Chicken: The Army of Shadows (Chinese Dub)
  • Svik (German Movie) (the clip goes to here )
  • USBduck's DPMV of Skrillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
  • Mighty Magiswords: The Saddest Little Bunny (German Dub)

Sources (Episode 1)

  • Der Untergang
  • Chuck Chicken (Chinese Dub)
  • Svik (German Movie)
  • Tomorrow Never Dies (English Dub)
  • Oswaldo (Portuguese Dub)

Sources (Episode 2)

  • Oswaldo (Portuguese Dub)
  • Chuck Chicken (Chinese Dub)
  • "Dragon Theme" by Faulconer Productions
  • Der Untergang
  • "Trunks Compendium - Mysterious Youth" by Faulconer Productions
  • Bean (1997)

Sources (Episode 3)

Sources (Episode 4) (if not mentioned the ones from the previous episode)

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