"Sorry for banging in this late but plz help tell all untergangers who still dunno this yet. I'm probably losing my access to my pc and possibly internet too. I failed 2 paper in the test and my parents aren't happy at all. My parents are not accepting explanations other than me wasting too much time online. So PC access is probably gone for sure. Idk about my phone cause that depends on whether they cancel my 4g plan or just confiscate it. Or neither of them

So, no parodies for the time being. If I can't come back, I'd like to say thanks to the entire unterganger community for supporting me since day 1 and forgives all my bs. Also that level of kindness to care about us in general. Despite the dramas I still liked my time tbh
I will be alive rest assured
Not gonna die
But bye for now
Alt probably certified dead
I will be day
That is a promise" ~ Sonic7emerald

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