The Unterganger of the Month (UotM) award is a title given to an Unterganger who has stood out during the month for various reasons. The UotM is announced monthly in the same video used to present the winners of the Downfall Community Awards.

Nominations & Winner selection

The UotM contest have had many different rules in the past, but the current system was as followed: Anyone can nominate an Unterganger for UotM on the Unterganger Chat Central Discord server. Up to three Untergangers could be nominated by the same person. All Untergangers who have parodies nominated for the DCA were automatically also nominated for UotM. No self-nominations were allowed. This also meant that self-nominated parodies do not make an Unterganger a candidate for UotM. If a judge was nominated, the judge could not vote in that category, and another judge would be called in as an "emergency judge". An Unterganger could be nominated for a number of reasons, such as loyal commitment to the community, for making extra good parodies during the current month, and so on.


Name Period

The Jononator
Simply Kevin
Dopamine The Delphox
Nyan Spadeson

August 2019 - Present (Main Judges only)
The Jononator
Beom Jun Koo
NG Shooter
January 2018 - July 2019
Shadow Briton Parodies
January 2017 - January 2018
JennieParker87 June 2014 - December 2016
FegelAntics June 2016 - July 2016
Soalric Parker July 2014 – December 2014
Ako675 July 2014 – October 2014
Master Studios January 2013 - April 2013
TheSilverUniverse January 2013 - July 2014
Benad361 October 2010 - July 2014



Order Month Recipient
1 October SSHimmlerHeinrich
2 November vzorkic
3 December ChileanAntics


Order Month Recipient
1 January thesentinel303
2 February Echoes1224
3 March jesse2282
4 April FegeleintheLostTapes
5 May wilmolfc
6 June sparx476
7 July Staedty86
8 August RBC56
9 September HitchcockJohn
10 October Hitler Rants Parodies
11 November WonkyTonkBotty
12 December Smell of the Ice


Order Month Recipient
1 January 20fadhil
2 February Das Reich
3 March sparx476
4 April mfaizsyahmi
5 May mfaizsyhami
6 June TheSilverUniverse
7 July TheSilverUniverse
8 August TheSilverUniverse
9 September Staedty86
10 October Staedty86
11 November mfaizsyhami
12 December Subtitlecomedy


Order Month Recipient
1 January DictatorAntics
2 February Soalric, 20fadhil, Benad361
3 March Soalric
4 April Deficere2
5 November JennieParker87


Order Month Recipient
1 January/February Johnnomonster
2 March JennieParker87
3 April Soalric, TheLawlDawg
4 July JennieParker87
5 November None[note 1]
6 December Pikachu53 Downfall Parodies


Order Month Recipient
1 January AlphaSkyRaider
2 February None[note 2]
3 March Hitler Rants Parodies
4 April Ako675
5 May CanaDolfy98
6 June TheUnknownHitler
7 July JennieParker87
8 August Parodyhall
9 September Mitchell Hang
10 October TheSilverUniverse
11 November Unterganger Kunst
12 December Paul Stompbox


Order Month Recipient
1 January Dumb Fish Parodies
2 February RBC56
3 March TheSilverUniverse
4 April JennieParker87
5 May


6 June


7 July

Fürocious Führer

8 August


9 September


10 October

Awesome Face!

11 November


12 December



Order Month Recipient
1 January BewegungsunFISH
2 February The Shogun
3 March JJ All-star
4 April


5 May Frozzy
6 June TheUnknownHitler
7 July Mathilde's Parodies
8 August JJ All-star
9 September F-A Alexander
10 October BewegungsunFISH
11 November  Fürocious Führer
12 December CloroxEnergyDrink


Order Month Recipient
1 January F-A Alexander
2 January-March[note 3] WonkyTonkBotty
3 April Delphox
4 May Reich Motion Pictures
5 June Reich Motion Pictures
6 July Gaker73
7 August Mein Unterkampf
8 September JJ All-star
9 October WonkyTonkBotty
10 November CloroxEnergyDrink
11 December Equiduo


Order Month Recipient
1 January The Jononator
2 February TheSilverUniverse
3 March Simply Kevin
4 April Reich Motion Pictures
5 May JennieParker87
6 June Hazard Ryuusei
7 July Ninetales95NL
8 August Simply Kevin
9 September Aobi
10 October QuestionTuesdayFTW
11 November VileHQ
12 December Dominus


Order Month Recipient
1 January Delphox
2 February WonkyTonkBotty
3 March Delphox
4 April Downfall Rant Parodies
5 May Equiduo
  1. MidnightMusic won UotM in November 2014, but it was revoked after AlphaSkyRaider revealed that he made all her parodies for her.
  2. Charizard won UotM in February 2015, but was revoked after AlphaSkyRaider revealed that he was Charizard.
  3. Despite the fact F-A Alexander won in January 2018, due to them only being created in late January, the then recently created Downfall Community Awards were decided to be run from January - March so there are technically 2 winners for January although, F-A won whilst UotM was hosted by the Unterganger Awards and WonkyTonkBotty won when it was first hosted by the DCA's.

Winner's Tally

Unterganger Number of Unterganger of the Month Awards won
TheSilverUniverse 6
JennieParker87 6
WonkyTonkBotty 4
Delphox 4
JJ All-star 3
Staedty86 3
mfaizsyhami 3
Soalric 3[note 1][note 2]
BewegungsunFISH 3
Reich Motion Pictures 3
Equiduo 3
sparx476 2
Hitler Rants Parodies 2
20fadhil 2[note 1]
RBC56 2
Ako675 2
TheUnknownHitler 2
F-A Alexander 2
Fürocious Führer 2
CloroxEnergyDrink 2
Simply Kevin 2
Dominus 2
Del 1
Mein Unterkampf 1
Gaker73 1
ChileanAntics 1
thesentinel303 1
Echoes1224 1
jesse2282 1
FegeleintheLostTapes 1
wilmolfc 1
HitchcockJohn 1
Smell of the Ice 1
Das Reich 1
Subtitlecomedy 1
DictatorAntics 1
Benad361 1[note 1]
Deficere2 1
SSHimmlerHeinrich 1
vzorkic 1
Johnnomonster 1
TheLawlDawg 1[note 2]
Pikachu53 Downfall Parodies 1
CanaDolfy98 1
Parodyhall 1
Mitchell Hang 1
Unterganger Kunst 1
Paul Stompbox 1
Dumb Fish Parodies 1
FegelAntics 1
Venkyra21 1
Awesome Face! 1
Superdumpfback 1
The Shogun 1
Frozzy 1
Mathilde's Parodies 1
The Jononator 1
Hazard Ryuusei 1
Ninetales95NL 1
Aobi 1
QuestionTuesdayFTW 1
VileHQ 1
Downfall Rant Parodies 1


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Soalric, 20fadhil, and Benad361 shared February 2013's Unterganger of the Month award.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Soalric and TheLawlDawg shared April 2014's Unterganger of the Month award.


The UotM contest was founded by Benad361. The first nomination round was opened for October 2010, around the time of the DMCA takedowns. The aim of the award was to reward Untergangers who had made excellent contributions to the meme during the month, who deserved some promotion and recognition.

Benad361 resurrected the series on January 31, 2012 after it initially fell away in late 2011 due to a lack of viewer interest and a lack of zeal on his part. The new rules were that it would be on the last day of every month and nominees had to send videos to be reviewed. Three nominations were allowed; one for each Unterganger. The most impressive video out of the three would lead to victory for the creator.

Following the Unterganger Awards's (UA) inception in October 2012, the UotM was initially planned to be announced under the UA. The plan proved problematic in terms of coordination, and the first UA award series was announced without either the UotM or PotM, leaving both to be announced separately by their own main judges. From January 2013, the UotM operated under the UA, as a semi-autonomous award system (as did the PotM). However, this policy was largely reversed in April 2013.

After the system became somewhat stagnant, Benad361 revamped the award systems of both the UA and UotM in January 2014, due to his return to parody work. He later opened an election during July 2014, making his resignation from the UotM official. An election took place on the Downfall Parodies Forum to choose a new leadership team. Ako675 took over the contest briefly, only to discover he didn't have enough time for it after all. So, he asked JennieParker87 to take over and run it alongside the UA. Thus JennieParker87 became the new main manager. The UotM is now a separate category in the UA. Winners are presented in the same result video as the UA, and nominations are made on the official site for the Unterganger Awards. In December 2016, JennieParker87 announced that she would be on leave until June 2017. She placed the management into the hands of Ako675.

In August 2017, JennieParker87 realised she no longer had the time to return as manager. She then asked BewegungsunFISH to take over, which the latter agreed to. AKO675 agreed to remain as assistant manager.

In January 2018, BewegungsunFISH and Ako675 decided to close down the UA due to recent drama that happened in the community. The Unterganger Awards website closed permanently on February 10th, 2018.

In February 2018, Delphox, The Jononator, and Ninetales95NL decided to set up a new monthly competition called the Downfall Community Awards in order to replace the recently closed Unterganger Awards, with the UotM award included as a category.

Sockpuppetry scandals


Attempts were made in the past to fool the system. In May 2012's UotM, a user named Hanif837 created many accounts and posted nominations for his channel from them on the nomination thread for May's contest in an attempt to make it look as if his "friends" had nominated him, and not just himself. However the suspicions of other untergangers (including Benad361, Johnnomonster and mfaizsyhami) were raised when it was noticed that the accounts were almost 600 members apart and all were with the same level of poor spelling and grammar, leading to the foiling of the attempted antics. mfaizsyahmi later released a parody showing the events on the forum which led to the exposure of the attempt. The culprit made another few futile attempts (it is known that he is 12 and seemed to be a somewhat slow learner) resulting in Hitler Rants Parodies slapping him with a ban.

According to Evilrobottolhurst, he may have used as many as five different accounts in his futile (and somewhat pathetic) attempt to get himself nominated. HRP put the total at as high as ten accounts. The tiresome fakery continued and resulted in an IP ban being requested by Benad361.

As of May 18th 2012, Hanif837 was officially barred from participating in, or being nominated for, any future Unterganger of the Month award until he is 13 (the minimum age) and mature enough to behave properly on the forum. He then, to the incredulous exasperation of the community, tried to nominate himself again on the June thread (although with no fake accounts this time) despite having released a somewhat pathetic apology beforehand).

As a result of these actions, he was greatly looked down upon by the Unterganger community. However Master Studios tried to rehabilitate Hanif (to the extent that he actually tried to nominate him in the contest for June) and acted as something of an apologist for his actions. This resulted in a somewhat polarized debate that monopolized much of June's thread, to Benad361's displeasure.

This in turn led him to announce (via the June announcement video) a set of new rules, such as a ban on self-nominations and three strikes given to topic derailers. If any Unterganger should use up their three strikes given as warning, then they will no longer be able to participate in the contest.


In February 2015, Charizard was nominated and eventually won the UotM. However, it was later revealed (around June 2015) that Charizard was none other than AlphaSkyRaider, when the latter confessed of being the owner of both accounts. Subsequently the February 2015 UotM was revoked, and ASR officially changed his account to Charizard's. However AlphaSkyRaider retained his UotM of January 2015.

Charizard's case was different from Hanif's because of the convincing way ASR handled the personas, and Charizard genuinely received support by others under ASR's manipulation.

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