A collection of pictures by Untergangers, of Untergangers, for documentation (mostly).

Most are taken from various Unterganger chat rooms and other community hangouts, and often depict funny or other important moments within the community.

Everyone is free to contribute their own screenshots, to preserve the various moments and memories shared by the Unterganging community.

Many of these screenshots here contains NSFW content. Do be wary when browsing through this page.

Pictures from chat rooms

Unterganger's Chat

The screenshots of the following gallery were taken at the original Untergangers Chat.

The banning of Burgdorfsdrpepper

Taken August 23, 2014; by Gokyr586. A user by the name of "Burgdorfsdrpepper" came on the Unterganger's chat and was banned for uttering a racist word.

Screenshots from Chatango Chat Rooms

These screenshots originate from the Hitler Rants Parodies Chatango Chat Room or the Downfall Parodies Society Chatango Chat Room.

TheLawlDawg being his usual self

Taken September 22, 2014 by Gokyr586.


While the chat jokes about Nerdington and one of his friends, sick jokes start developing and go out of control. (October 24, 2015; by Venkyra21)

Donald Trump and potatoes

Venkyra21 describes a bad mental image involving Donald Trump and potatoes, scarring almost everyone on the chat. (March 18, 2016; by Venkyra21)

Gb. Alexander's Karaoke experience

Gb. Alexander recounts his rather awkward experience while having lunch outside his house, involving karaoke machines. (May 27, '16; by Gb. Alexander)

BD Gets Trolled

A joke was made about Shadow Briton Parodies shredding all of TheSilverUniverse's video games. The joke escalates quite quickly. (By QuestionTuesdayFTW)

Screenshots from Discord Chat Rooms

The following images are from the Downfall Parodies Society Discord or the Hitler Rants Parodies Discord.

The Pointing War

QuestionTuesdayFTW starts a pointing war that ultimately ends in Nerdington 0 losing. (July 18, 2016, by QuestionTuesdayFTW)

Terminated Gokyr

Venkyra21 finally figures out who terminated his old Gokyr586 account. (July 31, 2016, by QuestionTuesdayFTW)

Pictures from Youtube

Old channel layout



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