Unterganger Kunst was a Costa Rican fourth-generation Unterganger who started making parodies on 4 June 2015. He is known for his unique style of parodies. He had over 150 subscribers and about 3400 views on his old channel before he committed suicide.


Unterganger Kunst made his first parody, Hitler and Goebbels Get Hacked, on 4 June 2015. While he initially had little attention when he started, CanaDolfy98 noticed him and showed his parodies to the community. Eventually, his parodies started getting recognition and he won his first Unterganger Award in August 2015 for "Best Parody by a Newcomer". He won another one the next month for "Best Story-Based" parody. Despite not winning an Unterganger Award in October, the quality of his parodies earned him the Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award in October 2015. In November 2015, he won both Unterganger of the Month and Parody of the Month (with his "Der Untergang" Parody #19: Explosive Fish parody).

In September or October 2016, Unterganger Kunst deleted his YouTube channel, probably because he was frustrated about getting hardly attention for his awesome FX parodies. Some months before, he uploaded a quite creepy song about having not enough subscribers and his parodies being bad. He was also taking a retirement into consideration, which he said in the comments. Superdumpfback tried to cheer him up by promoting him in the Unterganger chat, but his attempt failed. When Unterganger Kunst deleted his creepy song, which name is forgotten, some Untergangers thought he would return from his dormancy, but this was proven false when he deleted his channel.

It was discovered in November 2016 that Kunst has reuploaded all his old parodies on a new channel, and returned to parody making. However, this comeback is short-lived; on March 27, 2017, it was discovered that he has closed down his channel.


Unterganger Kunst utilizes special effects in most of his parodies, and some of them are story-based as well, such as The Curse and Explosive Fish.

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