Unterganger Chat Central is a chat room founded by Delphox and is the official chat room of Unterganger Central. It is used to nominate and vote for the Downfall Community Awards and is also where UnterCast is held. As of November 2018, it is the most active chat in the Downfall community.


It started off as a chat for Pokemon fans but Delphox closed it in January 2018 and re-opened it on the 11th of February 2018.

On the 15th of April 2018, Ninetales left Unterganger Central and stepped down as Admin and co-owner in the process. Because of this, Del ended up taking his place as the new admin of the server until he was removed as well due to inactivity.

After a discussion the moderators had, UnterCast was merged with this server in September 2018. This means that new podcasts will be recorded here and the old UnterCast Discord server was deleted.

The server reached 100 members sometime in October 2018. In response to this, Delphox and Jono made Clorox an admin on the server on the 15th of November 2018, as well as adding new moderators.

Clorox retired and left the community on February 26th, 2019 due to personal reasons, so Juegoxi took his place as the new admin of the server.

Between July and beginning of August, the server underwent changes in staffing which eventually culminated in Simply Kevin becoming a new admin on August 5th 2019, much to his own surprise. New moderators were also added. 

Admins and Moderators




Former Admins

Former Moderators


In December 2018, JennieParker87 joined the chat. During her stay, she revealed her side of the story from the "etnies" incident (aka the First HRP Doxxing incident) and information from her prior relationship and interactions with HRP. During her vent, some other Untergangers also vented their frustrations and told of their experiences with HRP. However, Die Deutsche Orthopädiespezialist jokingly implored fellow chat members to dox HRP. All of these conversations were leaked to HRP a few days later, resulting in him taking ddOs's joke seriously and forcing members of both UCC & HRPC to choose sides, as well as slandering UCC in the process. Despite ddOs being dealt with accordingly, HRP still continued in his ways. To this day, he still treats UCC as though they are out to get him and has even described UCC as "cancer". He even mocks UCC staff members for banning talk of him on the server as every time it happened, drama ensures.

Later on in May 2020, ddOs exposed HRP's sensitive information on VileHQ's discord server, which is known as the second doxxing incident. This led to HRP clashing with UCC staff members who gave in to his demands (including Banning ddOs from all discord groups he is known to exist in) so he would agree not to report to the authorities. This, however, only intensified the conflict between HRP (who was blocked permanently for "starting drama") and UCC. It also caused UCC to tighten it's regulations, forcing their members to choose sides as well, as they cannot be associated with HRP, who has declared that if a third incident occurs, as long as he finds it somewhat associated with UCC and threatens his own rights, he will not hesitate to punish UCC with the help of the authorities.

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