Unterganger Central is an organization that consists of Unterganger Chat Central, UnterCast, and all active awards.


Unterganger Central was founded by Delphox, The Jononator and Ninetales95NL to cater for the remaining Untergangers left after a large scale drama that happened in the community in January 2018.

On the 15th of April 2018, Ninetales stepped down as co-owner. And on the 15th of November 2018, CloroxEnergyDrink joined the Unterganger Central collaboration in celebration of Unterganger Chat Central reaching 100 members. On the 26th of February 2019, Clorox stepped down as co-owner and left the community due to personal reasons, so Juegoxi took his place as the new co-owner. In July 2019, Simply Kevin became the 4th Manager.


The organization has several purposes which will be broken down below.

Downfall Community Awards

The currently active awards are conducted once a month and serve as an official replacement for the previously, now defunct, Unterganger Awards. In addition, the Downfall Academy Awards are also run, though annually. A playlist of the awards and their winners can be found on the youtube channel as well as on the wiki itself. Managers of the awards each have a specifically allotted task, where one does the scripts for voting whereas the other would create and upload the results on youtube, and so on.


Unterganger Central also manages a podcast that anyone in the community can join for fans to listen about members talking about "stuff that you may or may not care about." The playlist can be found on the youtube channel here. Episodes are sporadic but can go on for hours at end, enabling users who could not initially make it to still have a chance.

Unterganger Chat Central

This is a discord server and serves as the official chatroom for all untergangers and members alike. It is also the place to nominate parodies for awards. New untercast episodes are announced and recorded exclusively as well.

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