Unterganger block

A bad case of Unterganger's block.

Unterganger's Block is a state when an Unterganger runs out of ideas, inspiration, or motivation (the latter is sometimes referred to as Göringitis) to make parodies. This is normal, tough, and can happen to any parody maker. It is possible that the person who made this page had it, due to the page's subject matter.

Causes of Unterganger's Block can vary from many different reasons. Most common being lack of motivation and can range to having too many daily tasks to fit in the hobby of Unterganging, personal jobs or heavy school work.

Most of the time, Unterganger's block is only temporary and the parodist resumes uploading new videos after a period of hiatus. Unterganger's block, however, can be severe enough to last for months and even cause the affected Unterganger to quit for long time or leave parody making altogether.

Untergangers that are found to be on extended dormancy, which extends into years, is implied to have silently retired (e.g. InsurmountableLosses, Bossimias).

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