UltimateAntics (previously known as FegalTube) is a British Unterganger. He had made a number of parodies, some of which were slated for an award in the Unterganger Awards before the FegalTube channel was deleted. He later resurrected in a new channel under the name of UltimateAntics[1] and reuploaded a few of his videos.

FegalTube death hoax and aftermath

It was announced using his account on the Downfall Parodies Forum that he committed suicide on 6 December 2012 after a bitter four-year battle against depression by who claimed to be friend of his who took over his computer after the death on a forum thread.[2]

On 2 March 2013, however, he came down personally to the chat,[3] utterly shocking the members who were there. He revealed that the forum post about his death was an outright fabrication, written by his ex-girlfriend. The four-year long depression was also revealed as false.

He was active in the Downfall Parodies Forum but had become inactive shortly before the hoax had surfaced. As of present, he is considered dormant but still occasionally visits the Downfall Parody Forum to a lesser extent.

He can be considered retired as of now, since his last parody was 2 years ago.


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