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Extra YouTube (Disputing false claims)

Whenever you get a dreadful copyright notice from false claimants you may want to dispute the process.


  • Make sure that your parody does not use materials that the claimant seemed to claim (for example, a claimant that seem to be administering Latino music but you obviously didn't use anything of the sort)
  • Any claims by known false claimants (aka the Enemies of The State)


  1. Go to Video Manager.
  2. Click "Matched third party content" next to the video you want to dispute.
  3. Scroll down and you will see the Copyright details tab. Click Dispute on the right of the row of claimant you want to dispute.
  4. Select "My use of the content meets the legal requirements for fair use or fair dealing under applicable copyright laws.", then click continue.
  5. Check "I am sure that my video meets the legal requirements for fair use and I want to dispute this claim.", then click continue again.
  6. In the Claims to dispute section, check all claims except Beta Film GmbH and Constantin Film.
  7. In the Please explain briefly text box, write "Misidentified content".[1]
  8. Check the "I have a good faith belief..." option and the "I understand that my video..." option.
  9. Sign your full name.
  10. Click Continue.


Do not check the claims by Beta Film GmbH or Constantin Film. They have the right to the IP of Downfall unlike squatters like Farolatino. You are allowed to use their content but you can't monetize them. In most cases it's fine. If you did dispute, YouTube could just reject your claims. If your video have only this option, do not dispute, just leave it as it is.


That's it! You've successfully disputed the false claims. The claims should be cleared within the next few days, though depending on claimants it could take anything up to a month.


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