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Correcting aspect ratio


Notice that this image screenshot of a parody is distorted vertically.

All of Downfall's clips are available only in the 16:9 aspect ratio, as it more closely match the film's original 2.35:1 aspect ratio. It's not uncommon, however, to find videos in YouTube that has been stretched to 4:3. This usually happens, especially in Windows Movie Maker, when the default aspect ratio is set to 4:3 instead of 16:9.

The solution is unbelievably simple - put this as one of your video tags:


Note that you can include any other tags that is related to your parody (e.g. "hitler rants parodies", etc.)

Fegelein and Friends

A 16:9 video between the letterboxing of a 4:3 video.

A less common case is when the aspect ratio of the clips is preserved, but the resulting video is in 4:3 aspect ratio with letterboxing above and below the clip. In this case, put this into the tag field instead:

A very important note is that you absolutely cannot do this if any part of your subtitle is in the bottom letterbox, either incidentally or intentionally.


You may not be able to correct the aspect ratio of your videos using the above tags (we're not stopping you from trying) if:

  1. Your videos mixes clips of both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.
  2. Part of your subtitle is in the letterbox.

Downloading videos off YouTube (and other video-sharing sites)

Due to the vast popularity and accessibility of YouTube, many solutions have been developed to download the videos from these websites. Due to that, the steps to download the videos varies, and we will only list out the means of downloading videos. Please refer to the specific manual that comes with each solution.



Browser extensions

Download managers

Degree of content match for each parody style

Parody type  Safe  Unsafe
Unscratched Content match Worldwide block Strike
Traditional parodies
Original Bunker Scene Very rarely Yes Rare -
Hitler Reviews / Pros and Cons Rarely Yes Rare -
Bunker Jokes Yes - - -
Modified Traditional
Includes scenes from other movies Depends on movie Depends on movie Depends on movie Likely, depends on the movie and length of the footage used
Uses other scenes from Downfall Most of the time Sometimes - -
FX parodies
Headpasting Most of the time Sometimes - -
Chroma keying and rotoscoping Yes - - -
Flash / cartoon / animation / interactive Yes - - -
Parodies shorter than 6-7 mins Rare Most of the time Rare -
Parodies longer than 7 minutes - - Yes
Audio-based parodies
"Trapped" parodies and other voice-overs Yes - - -
Musical parodies

Direct subtitle spoof (actor parody)

Depends on movie Depends on movie Depends on movie Depends on movie
Music Video spoof (lip-sync) - Rarely Occasionally Very likely depends on publisher and band
Dialogue as lyrics (instrumental + parody dub) Very likely Rarely - -
Audio-splicing and autotuning Very likely - - -

Disputing a (or, in many cases, multiple) false copyright claims


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