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Welcome to the quick start guide! This tutorial will guide you to make a Downfall parody, for beginners.


You will need to download the Original Bunker Scene clip, or other Downfall scenes. They can be found here.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is built-in with XP and Vista. If you are using Windows 7 or above, you will have to download Movie Maker here.

You may want to watch this video, made by an Unterganger for an Unterganger, or visit here to see the advanced tutorial.

How to make a Hitler Parody in 9 easy steps

How to make a Hitler Parody in 9 easy steps

Caption Generator

Caption Generator is for those who don't want to download the clip, and lets you add subtitles and upload your video more easily. However, only the Original Bunker Scene is available.

Click here to enter the Caption Generator.

Jacek Fedorynski's Hitler video maker

This editor is regarded as the easiest editor you can use. Fill in the textboxes with dialogues and hit "create", and it will be soon uploaded to your YouTube channel, if you have one.

Click here to enter the editor.


When your video is finished, you can then upload your Hitler remix to YouTube for everyone on the Internet to watch. Go to YouTube and create a free personal account if you don’t have one. For more help and ideas, join the Downfall Parodies Forum at

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