Truckman known as 1Truckman on YouTube, was an American Second-generation Unterganger who resides in Texas and creates parodies based on Downfall. He has 96 videos and over 215 subscribers, but he very few viewers with only one parody exceeding 500 views, the rest rarely have over 100. He is also noteworthy for being the oldest Unterganger at the age of 73.

Parody Style

Truckman's parodies differ from "mainstream" Untergangers in that his are based on the premise that all of the Nazis present in the Führerbunker survived the war and in extreme old age became actors portraying the members of the Cracker Barrel discussion board. Truckman Studios is represented as a vast, sprawling complex headed by Truckman and staffed exclusively by young, pretty women.

Truckman's parodies are numerous and qualified him as prolific on the Downfall Parodies discussion board where he displays his videos in his own forum. His parodies usually have a storyline and sometimes run into multiple chapters or episodes.


He is/was very active on the forum, but his YouTube channel increasingly lacked any activity, although he is currently planning to return. But he hasn't been as active on the forum as before.

On 22 December 2014, after 3 years of inactivity, he uploaded a new parody, followed by another one on 29 December. His final parody was uploaded on 24 September 2015, meaning that it has been over four years since the last upload and therefore can be stated to have retired from unterganging. However he has still shown activity on his youtube channel in the form of replying to newer comments on his videos.

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