Traudl is late to Hitler's dictation is a scene from Downfall that is seldom used in making parodies. The scene differs between the theatrical and extended editions.

In Downfall

The scene begins in the women's bedroom where Traudl is shown to be sleeping. She suddenly wakes up and tidies herself in front of a mirror, preparing for work.

Along the way, she walks past a corridor with several people who are talking about ways to kill themselves. She later visits the room of the Goebbels children, where they play Ludo as Magda and Eva watches. Traudl asks the children about the status of the game and each of them claims to be the winner. Next, she talks to Eva about her looks. Eva then predicts that everyone would cry on that day with tears of emotion.

Helga comes to Traudl, crying. She asks the child about it, but Magda called her back before she could respond. Magda explained that her daughter cries easily on those times. She says "Sorry" to her daughter before leaving the room. Traudl then tells the children that she has to see "Uncle Hitler" and bids farewell. After she leaves, Helga hasn't stopped crying yet.

Traudl later reaches the dining room, where she sees some plates being prepared for the upcoming wedding reception banquet. Hitler shows up behind her, and she apologizes for falling asleep. Hitler, however asks if she got some rest and she nods in response.

Theatrical edition

In the theatrical edition, her waking up from bed and taking a detour to the Goebbels' children's room was cut, with the scene starting with Traudl tidying herself in front of the mirror.

In Downfall Parodies

This scene in its entirety is not useful in parody-making. Fragments from the scene, however, have been used sparingly.

The part with Traudl sleeping was used by 1979Onetime in Traudl Bad Secretary, which shows Traudl sleeping for too long. Hitler ranted about it and later killed himself over it. By the time she wakes up, she discovers blood stains inside Hitler's room.

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Traudl is late to Hitler's dictation
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