Traudl, Gerda and Constanze wake up to artillery fire is a scene in Downfall that is used fairly often in parodies.

In Downfall

On a bedside table a glass half-filled with water shakes before focus shifts to the background to reveal Traudl Junge, who was sleeping. She is awakened by the explosions and identifies it as artillery fire. Gerda Christian contests her claim, but Constanze Manziarly agrees with Traudl, noting that is artillery fire and describes it as a quite a gift from the Russian for Hitler.

In Downfall Parodies

Despite the short duration, this scene has been used quite often in parodies. For example, in parodies where Traudl wakes up from a dream (ReschJodSchin94's Badass Traudl gets shot), in JennieParker87's Traudl is traumatized - Situation 1, or in 1979Onetime's Traudl's secret admirers (reuploaded by LostDownfallParodies).

This scene is also frequently used to show something drastic has happened nearby or within the bunker. An example of which is in Adolf Hitler VS a fly, where Hitler tries to defeat a fly with the Pencil of Doom, whose explosion accidentally wakes up Traudl.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
TRAUDL Das ist ja Artillerie! That's artillery fire.
GERDA Du spinnst doch. You're crazy.
Woher sollte die denn schießen? Where would it be coming from?
CONSTANZE Frau Junge, Sie haben Recht. You're right, Frau Junge.
Das sind keine Fliegerbomben, das ist Artillerie. Those are not aerial bombs, that's artillery!
Das sind die Russen! It's the Russians!
Das ist ja ein sauberes Geburtstagsgeschenk. That's a nice birthday gift.



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Traudl, Gerda and Constanze wake up to artillery fire
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