Thunderbirds360TV was a Brazilian Unterganger who started making Downfall Parodies in April 2012.


Thunderbirds360TV has been watching Downfall Parodies as early as 2010, and in October 2011, he made his first two parodies using Windows Live Movie Maker in another account, which is now gone. It took him 6 months to make another parody, this time using Sony Vegas Pro 9. Shortly after, he upgraded to Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, and a few months later, Vegas Pro 11.

In November 2013, he deleted the majority of his Downfall Parodies for unknown reasons. Because of that, most of his parodies between July and October 2012 are now lost forever.

Name Changes

In May 2013, Thunderbirds360TV changed his name to Sweetie Belle, as stated in a deleted video. It was said he wouldn't change his name back, however, he changed his name again on April 2014 to Maud Pie, and changed it once again to Matt Conagher, on September 2014.


Thunderbirds360TV has never announced a retirement, but his last Downfall Parody was made on August 2013, and uploaded five months later to a different channel. He attempted to make more videos multiple times through 2014, but failed. They would've been uploaded to another channel dedicated to Downfall Parodies. He eventually retired by the end of the year.


In this video, he mentioned a possible return alongside a big project. On September 17 2016, he announced his return on his channel and on the Downfall Parody Forums. He uploaded two new videos.

As of 2017, he uses the latest version of Vegas 13 to make his videos. He would also have been the creator of the third episode of Hitler Sends Göring to Africa's third season, but he was ultimately unable to make said episode, prompting F-A Alexander to take over.

Focus Shift and Second Retirement

In October 2017, he announced that he's shifting his focus to making DPMV's and YTPMV's rather than regular Downfall parodies due to a lack of interest in making them. He has also said that while he has a few more parody projects that he wants to make, he's doesn't know when he'll make them. As of January 2020, it can be implied that he has silently retired from unterganging due to it being over two years since his last parody. 


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