• I've noticed that you have been quite active on the Hitler Parody Wiki as of lately and I'd like to invite you to our community Discord server. As I mentioned a few months ago, it is a chatroom for untergangers, fans and other community members to hang around and have fun, as well as give others advice and support on anything Downfall parody related.

    I know I asked before but you really do seem to have promise as an unterganger yourself and we would absolutely love to have you around. If you don't have a Discord account, it's really easy to set one up. I really hope you consider joining our community and if you have any further questions on how to join, please respond to this comment, thanks.

    PS: If you do end up joining the chat, you will initially only have access to one channel. In this case, you must wait for our admins to give you access to the rest of the entire chat as we have a validation system to prevent abuse from malicious users. If they question who you are, just tell them that you are Gar and that I invited you here myself.

    Our Downfall Community Discord Server:

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