• It is my stance that icons should, as best as possible, only complement textual information, and should not be allowed to replace them. Reasons for this include:

    • The icons used may not have universally-understood meaning. For example, can mean many things, depending on where it is located, and the history of its use, and thus have accumulated a number of meanings that may not be immediately clear to viewers.
    • When icons and other stand-ins are used in place of actual textual information, a legend must be provided. This is what I used for the so-called flags in the list of scenes.
    • Icons on their own take more time to interpret, because viewers must make extra mental effort to derive meaning from them, and if they can't do that, because of the need to look it up in the legends.
    • Technical-wise, sprite and FA-based icons used in HPW are not supported by mobile displays. They would not be able to see them. Relying on only icons is therefore a really terrible idea.

    I thus urge people to really think twice before going on a iconification spree.

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    • So far, almost every place where icons are deployed they are complementary to textual information:

      • Unterganger status in infoboxes
      • Gender in infoboxes
      • Award medals, pretty much everywhere on the wiki
      • Country flags
      • link-buttons on FC and monthly poll pages

      Places where stand-ins are used, and legends provided:

      • List of Scenes's "flags"
      • List of Untergangers country column - legend links to WP article on how to read the 2-letter TLD

      Places where icon/stand-in only implementations used:

      • Deadline flags (explanation on hover)
      • FC and poll links on the header (explanation on hover)
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