• It's that time of the year again! As customary, the HPW will undergo a few changes, some cosmetic and some functional:

    • Wiki header changes
    • Background changes. As with previous years it's the empty Fuhrerbunker hallway but this year extra attempts have been made to make it look bleaker and grainier. To top it off we've added a layer of static on top.
    • A major makeover for our resident entity is in the works. We'll update this thread when it's ready.

    So far the details have been worked out by me, mfaizsyahmi and Gokyr. I haven't had any input from other admins who might be interested. I'll keep you guys updated when more admin participates and decisions made.

    If you have major problems arising from these customizations, do report by replying to this thread or messaging me. Last year some users have difficulty browsing because of the static. I hope there won't be similar problems this year.

    Notice to admins: Do not edit the Theme Designer too frequently. Only the last 10 revisions are stored by wikia for a complete rollback. If we use up all of them, reverting the wiki to pre-October look would be a pain for me. So far I've made two edits, and I presume Gokyr has made at least two edits as well.

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    • Correct. I have made two edits -- both to update the wordmark.

      Either way, looking forward to our new resident. :P

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    • Huehuehue, Faiz, your Unterganger page still cannot keep up with the static? The entirely white static on that page leaves me to question.

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    • I think it has been almost 4 years since I take a look at my own page, and I think I'd like to maintain that status quo.

      The reason is the same as last year - the custom background (set with {{background}} and javascript) was once my YouTube background (remember when YT allow us to set backgrounds?) and it has been removed from their servers for a while now. And the background image, having an invalid url, falls back to the specified colour which would be white in my case. Come Halloween with the static, they were merely overlaid over the background, and voila! WYSIWYG

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    • UPDATE: Added background music. Unlike previous years I feel kind enough to make this an opt-in, so you can choose to play and stop it at will, and only on the pages that you want (imagine without this, all your 12 HPW tabs playing the background music, it's maddening!). Hover over the wordmark to access the player (HTML5 browser native player on HTML5 supported browsers only)

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    • I don't think I can make the resident entity transformation in time. I've lost my mojo on making voices sound spooky. A possible alternative is to make skeletor in the wordmark creepier.

      Btw, Jodl popped up near the wordmark one day and I managed to nudge it to this position...



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    • A FANDOM user
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