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    I think a few years have passed since the wiki badges were implemented in HPW. Many of us have raked high scores for making edits, adding categories, pictures and whatnot. The most unattained badges, however, belongs to the "Wiki love" category. Poor Skelly.

    So here's a challenge to everyone - get the Skeletor Award! To get that requires 356 days of editing. It's a tall order, but not impossible. I wouldn't tolerate back-and-forth edits on a single page every day though. Instead, use the page randomizer to find small fixes to do on pages daily.

    Now, who's up for the challenge? Don't you want to make Skeletor proud? :3

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    • I may be up for the challenge. Heck, I'm currently working to get my Peter Kranz Award.

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    • I will try

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    • A FANDOM user
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