• I would like to call upon all award organizers (Benad361, Master Studios, HRP, TSU) to decide on a colour scheme and a badge for your awards.

    I would be making some customizations to the Unterganger infobox, in which each of the awards would have a different colour. Currently the header of all awards are assigned either gold (UotM, HoF, DPA) or green (PotM, UA) as you can see here.

    I'm also considering placing little badges to the side of the award headers in the Unterganger infobox, and next to the respective award's page title, and in The Fegel Times. Dimensions should ideally be around 100px, and the width/height ratio should be less than 2. The design is up to you. The badge might be resized down a bit when applied though, so don't count on the text too much.

    I really hope to see this done, so your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    • I'd like to suggest HRP to use the Order Of The Star Of The Grand Cross Of The Iron Cross as the badge for the HoF. I think it would fit since it was the highest awardable decoration during the time of the German Empire. :)

      Also, it looks quite sexy:

      Order Of The Star Of The Grand Cross Of The Iron Cross
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    • Knowing I'd never receive a reply for the DPA (and possibly the PotM) I think I'll pick the colours myself:

      Gray (signifying disabled-ness, in a user interface sense)
      Red text, since MS loves red subtitles so much

      Unless MS (and the others) replies with a colour of their choosing by the time I returned from my 2-day trip, I'll proceed with the aforementioned colour scheme, and pick colours for the rest myself.

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    • You don't have a 'silver' for the UA one, do you?

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    • Hmm... interesting idea, ben... Silver fot TSU's UA, red for MS's PotM, khaki green for your UotM (after tukhy's uniform colour), black for HRP's HoF... but then we need to think of a colour for the DPA. what's rob's favourite color?

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    • I'm loving the colour ideas! But I have no idea regarding that question...

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    • UotM medal
      PotM medal
      UA medal
      HoF medal

      I went ahead and make placeholder badges for all the awards (save the DPA). The badges can now be seen in Unterganger infoboxes, the Contests Portal and The Fegel Times. For the latter, a new helper template {{news marker}} has been made.

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    • Bumping this thread, seeing three new awards were introduced for 2016.

      EDIT: I'd like to have your inputs regarding the colour scheme of each award. The elements involved are:

      • background colour (can take CSS gradients if you so wishes)
      • text colour
      • Can potentially take the font-family, if the font is supplied yourself

      Use of text shadow atm is currently at my discretion for eligibility reasons.

      The places where this colour scheme will apply would be:

      • The title of the infobox on the award's page themselves.
      • Award ribbons (what I'll call it now onwards, hopefully I remember them!) on the infoboxes of Untergangers and parodies.
      • Contests portal

      Additionally I'd be glad if you'd upload a medal, with the dimensions and other details as described in the original post.

      Thanks, and Happy 2016!

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