3rd-generation Untergangers (August 2013 - December 2014) were the previous generation of Untergangers. The call to define a third generation have been around since the airing of Kobra - "Hitler Humour", but it was never finalized until 19 January 2014, when several Second-generation Untergangers decided to designate August 2013 as the starting point for the third generation. On January 16, 2015, the fourth-generation was created.

Transition from second-generation

Soon after the airing of Kobra - "Hitler Humour" around March 2013, mfaizsyahmi suggested that the date should mark the beginning of a new generation of Untergangers: the first generation where the term "Unterganger" finally entered mainstream media (at least in Sweden). The suggestion was discussed among the community, but a consensus could not be reached. No further movement was made to formally end the second generation, and the topic was scarcely brought up throughout the rest of 2013.

Very soon after Hitler Rants Parodies launched his website in 2014, however, talks about defining the third generation re-emerged. This was driven primarily by the conduct of users in the new website, which had a user base consisting mostly of (presumably) HRP's younger fans. Most existing second-generation members wished to have these people in their own classification, due to their perceived juvenile behaviour (e.g. narcissistic self-nomination into the Unterganger Hall of Fame, doing sub4subs, boasting about view and subscriber count, etc.).  After some discussions in the Unterganger's Chat, members in the chat agreed to set August 2013 as the starting point for the third generation.

However, it has often been misinterpreted that second-generation Untergangers have agreed to start a newer generation purely for the reasons listed above. This is not the case, as the documentation of this behaviour only applied to a certain number of third-generation Untergangers, and calls for a third generation have again dated back to early 2013.  There was, at first, a perception of bias against the newly defined generation. Many third-generation Untergangers, however, have mingled well with the existing community, and have overall been welcomed by the second generation with open arms.


“I can only say......the third gen probably wasn't meant to be”
The third generation is seen to be the least successful of the generations; many third-generation Untergangers have retired, gone dormant, or committed channel suicide within a short amount of time, which is more than any other generation. In fact, all but a few Untergangers in the following list fall into one of these 3 categories. The aforementioned third generation Untergangers who are still active are AGKandvideomaker2000, Equiduo, F-A Alexander, and MegaMr46.

Prominent Third-generation Untergangers

Dormant or retired
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